Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two weeks down already!!

Time is really starting to pick up here!! in 4 weeks I will be out and about in the good old streets of Bogota (maybe I think who knows I could go anywhere). 

So on Saturday we went proselyting for 1 hour in the actual streets of Bogota by the CCM!! It was kinda terrifying because of the huge Spanish barrier but we got used to it after a while, and the first guy we talked to just so happened to speak some English which made things a lot easier. We ended up talking to about 5 people, and got 4 referrals! It was really cool to get to know each person and what their thoughts were, and even cooler that we were able to somewhatly speak enough Spanish to have them understand us. It was a really cool experience.
I also did a Spanish session in the Temple and that was really interesting, I had to kind of pick out the words that I knew and also had to pay a lot of attention. But the amazing thing is, I still feel the same spirit and it still teaches the exact same thing even if its in another language.

Today me and 5 other  Elders went through immigration to get our visas or get permission to live in the country, that kind of stuff. It was pretty interesting. 
As the weeks go on I am learning so much more Spanish and so much more how to teach as a missionary, and I love it. 
That's all I got for this week, I hope you all remember, no matter what happens in our lives, God does not abandon us. EVER!

Elder Kendall

Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

We went to the Bogota temple :)

Hello from the CCM!!!! Life has been fantastico! The days have started to go pretty fast. By the way, I'm already forgetting how to spell stuff in English (also I'm just bad at writing), so if you end up not being able to read what I wrote, I do apologize. So much has happened in the last nine days! The first day I flew in with a bunch of nortes (that's what they call us here) and there were a lot of them! There were 14 missionaries that all flew to the Bogota CCM together. My companion Elder Marsh, is from South Jordan, Utah. In fact the latinos (that's what we affectionately all call the native missionaries that are at the CCM) all say that anyone that comes from the US is coming from Utah. And they are pretty much right XD We have been doing lots of practicing Spanish, mostly by teaching lessons to investigadors in Spanish. It is terrifying!! some of the things that you want to say, are really hard to say in Spanish. 

Also i am still alive because I am eating the food!!! I know what your all thinking.... COMO??? (HOW???) but yes i actually enjoy a lot of the food here, even though it is a lot different. That first morning for breakfast with a hotdogs, hot chocolate, sweet rolls, and to drink we had yogurt. Also, if you dip the sweet roll in the hot chocolate, it tastes really good just in case you were wondering. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day here. 

We went to the Bogota Temple and it was really beautiful, I learned that during the session there was one of the Seventies in our session which was pretty cool. Then I realized that I sat next to him, THE WHOLE TIME! I had no idea, but yeah h sat next to the temple president and a Seventy the entire time. So yeah, life is good, and I Love Being a Missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all,

Elder Kendall 

P.S. if any of you are feeling down on yourself, or like you don't know how to carry on, I want you to read Alma 26. Yeah that's right the whole chapter. Its one of my favorites of all time and I know that it can help you find the many reasons we have to REJOICE!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015


I love the CCM!! (MTC) The people I came to Colombia with are fantastic and I love them! My companion is named Elder Marsh, and he's from Utah, too. We are roomed with four other missionaries who are all natives and pretty much only speak Spanish, it's a lot of fun! The breakfast this morning was pretty interesting I got two hot dogs, just the dogs, and we drank hot chocolate and also yogurt. Yeah we drank yogurt like it was a soda!! I just got my name tag and am learning Spanish already. 

So yeah life is pretty much the greatest being a missionary. 

Yo estoy muy bien!!!

Love you,

Elder Kendall

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Leaving on a jet plane

It finally came!  Feels like Elder Kendall has been waiting forever for this day!  We put him on a plane to Bogota, Colombia.  He is so ready to get to work.  We will miss him, but are so proud of him.  Love you, Zach!