Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two weeks down already!!

Time is really starting to pick up here!! in 4 weeks I will be out and about in the good old streets of Bogota (maybe I think who knows I could go anywhere). 

So on Saturday we went proselyting for 1 hour in the actual streets of Bogota by the CCM!! It was kinda terrifying because of the huge Spanish barrier but we got used to it after a while, and the first guy we talked to just so happened to speak some English which made things a lot easier. We ended up talking to about 5 people, and got 4 referrals! It was really cool to get to know each person and what their thoughts were, and even cooler that we were able to somewhatly speak enough Spanish to have them understand us. It was a really cool experience.
I also did a Spanish session in the Temple and that was really interesting, I had to kind of pick out the words that I knew and also had to pay a lot of attention. But the amazing thing is, I still feel the same spirit and it still teaches the exact same thing even if its in another language.

Today me and 5 other  Elders went through immigration to get our visas or get permission to live in the country, that kind of stuff. It was pretty interesting. 
As the weeks go on I am learning so much more Spanish and so much more how to teach as a missionary, and I love it. 
That's all I got for this week, I hope you all remember, no matter what happens in our lives, God does not abandon us. EVER!

Elder Kendall

Hurrah for Israel!!!!!!!!!!

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