Monday, April 25, 2016

Blessings from O/L/A

Alrighty, how are people? Good? I hope it's good!!!

So, this week went by crazy fast, I don't know where all the time goes. Our week was pretty good, we have some really good progressing people.
So we have been working a ton with O/L/A, or Orar, Leer, y Asistir. In english P/R/A, pray, read, and attend. These three things are the key for our investigators to get an answer, grow in faith and to be ready to be baptized. So we have been focusing on that a lot and it has been working.
Today for p-day we got our haircut from the Haircut place that our convert Zulma Sanchez works at. After that we went home and didn't do much else, the time goes by even faster on p-day.
It was a pretty good week, we had a lot of lessons, and a pretty sweet experience with our investigator Carol Enciso on Sunday. She came to church on Sunday and brought her son!! She is the one that should be baptized this week, we are working really hard to pull it off. The biggest thing we are working on is that she has a little bit of a problem with smoking. However, she has already almost completely given it up and today we have an appointment to make sure she is doing good with that and that she has stopped smoking completely to be ready this week before her baptism!! On Sunday we had a really powerful lesson with her, where she was able to tell us how she felt about her baptism coming up. She has a big fear of the commitment of baptism. She is afraid that she will get baptized and make this commitment with God and then that she will be forgotten and left behind. We were able to talk to her and help her through it, especially because we had the help of two members backing us up and letting her know that she will not be left alone. It was key to have the members there to support and help her, and this week we are going to be doing everything possible to help her make this step. She is fantastic!!!
Sundays are just good days, we were able to have four investigators at church and almost all of them are progressing toward a baptism date. Good things are coming ahead!!!!
Still struggling on finding new investigators but this week we are going to try everything possible to change that.
I heard that Presidente Baquerizo said yes to the skyping with Janica!!!!!! He is the best President ever, so darny darn excited!!!!!!!!!
I love you guys, like a whole lot
Elder Kendall
PHOTO! Of Mashed Potatoes!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Teaching with Luis Bohorques is the best!

Transfers!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ready........... Building up the suspense.......
Here we go................. Transfers.............
I'm staying here in Girardot with Elder Melendez!! Haha, pretty unclimatic actually, usually they take forever to tell us the changes but this time they called at like 9:15 and told us we both stay! But it's good, because we got lots of good people we've got to baptize. 
This week was about 100 times better than previously, we had lots of lessons and lots of powerful moments!!! We truly gave our all and worked a whole lot, and it payed off. That Sunday at the beginning of the week, I did a fast so that we could have a better week and finally find some new people to teach. Then on Monday we went out planning to contact the whole world, talking to every person we saw. Some of the first people we talked to was a family of 10 people that a lot of them used to attend church in Bogota and were taught by the missionaries but moved here to Girardot and lost contact. So this week we will meet with them to teach them, they are really cool! We have to teach them in the chapel, but that will be a lot better anyways.
Wednesday we had to do my first divisions in my mission. We had two appointments at 6:00pm so I was in the church with our ward mission leader to teach our investigator Larry and my companion went with two other members to visit Carol who has her baptism date set for the 30th of April. It was pretty crazy, but it worked out. 
Sunday was amazing!!!! At least the church part. We had a multi-stake conference with Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, and Robert D. Hales and Dallin H. Oaks were the two apostles that presided over the conference. Dallin H. Oaks spoke part of his talk in Spanish, and it was flippin awesome!!! He had a strong accent, but it was super cool to hear. 
We were able to have 3 people in the chapel this Sunday. Carol, Norbey, and Jorge, and it was fantastic. All of them have dates for May and they are really progressing for that day!!!
Other than that not much, pretty good week, and oh yeah......
Super super happy for ya sis
That's it for this week, 
All my Love,
Elder Kendall
(Elder Kendall... who is Luis Bohorques??)
Ohhhhh haha, I can't believe I forgot to talk about him!!! Luis Bohorques is flippin amazing. He is the only member of his family and he was a missionary in Ecuador, but he is only just a little bit special, so he couldn't finish his work. But he makes up for it for accompanying the missionaries like every day of his life. He is a stud.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

We are going to contact the whole world this week

Hey fambly and all! 
This week not a whole lot happened to be honest. Wasn't the best week for teaching for us. Lots of appointments falling and all that kinda stuff, but we are making it.
Monday was pretty good, one of the highlights was that we had a lesson with Angela the mom of a family and Norbey her adopted son, they are really good people. We finally put a baptism date with them and they accepted for the 7th of May! Which is exciting!!!
We were able to meet with some new less-actives in our area which was pretty sweet, hopefully we can teach them and they can show us to their non-member friends!! We have been trying to do some finding through service here as well but the people never accept our help. They just tell us to pray for them, which is still good and we are always willing to help that way!!! 
Our branch actually has 8 missionaries all working in it because in the city of Girardot it's the only branch. We are working with the members but we only have 2 families that are active in our area, and we have plans to meet with some of their friends this week. 
Sunday nobody showed up to church, we went to go pick them up and bring them before sacrament meeting started but everyone was asleep or not at home. 
We are focusing on finding, because we really need new investigators, so we are going to contact the whole world this week, its going to be pretty fun actually. When you get into the groove of just talking to everyone that you see it gets to be pretty fun because you meet so many cool people. 
The rest of Sunday our district leader was sick, so I stayed in the house with him while my companion went with his companion to work in their area. 
We are really hoping to find new people and we are going to do everything possible to meet new people. 
The scriptures are a huge help, and recently I was able to read one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. Alma 26, it is amazing.
I cant wait to hear where Scott´s going to go!!!! 
All my Love for ya´ll
Elder Kendall

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

General Conference Pure Amazingness

Hey Ya´ll! How´s it going??
So mom, first off the moment I heard Thomas S. Monson talk about Alice in Wonderland I started going a little crazy inside from excitedness because I knew that you would be doing the same thing over there at home. Thomas S. Monson is called by God to be his Prophet. I know it.
All of Conference was perfect, just what I needed. Nearly started crying when Come Thou Fount was sung, darny darn that was good memories of stuff, it was pure goodness.
I was able to watch it in English which was wonderful, I loved every second of it.
This week was a little bit of a struggle bus teaching wise, we have been having a really hard time here in this transfer. We are doing a lot of contacting but we don't have very many investigators. However, we have seen some progress, and this week we have made a lot of plans to change that. And this week we will change it.
Whenever we offer to do service for people here, the only service they accept is for us to pray for them. So we are trying to find some sort of project we can do and always looking for unplanned activities but here people aren't as trusting.
This transfer is extra long, it is for 8 weeks, so here in two weeks we`ll be getting our transfer calls. I think Elder Melendez and I will be staying here together for another transfer.
Not a whole lot to update this week, but we can summarize by saying that General Conference was definitely the highlight of the whole entire week. 

Lotta love!!!

Elder Kendall
Me and my companion Elder Melendez (who is from Lima, Peru... home of the newly announced temple!!)