Tuesday, April 5, 2016

General Conference Pure Amazingness

Hey Ya´ll! How´s it going??
So mom, first off the moment I heard Thomas S. Monson talk about Alice in Wonderland I started going a little crazy inside from excitedness because I knew that you would be doing the same thing over there at home. Thomas S. Monson is called by God to be his Prophet. I know it.
All of Conference was perfect, just what I needed. Nearly started crying when Come Thou Fount was sung, darny darn that was good memories of stuff, it was pure goodness.
I was able to watch it in English which was wonderful, I loved every second of it.
This week was a little bit of a struggle bus teaching wise, we have been having a really hard time here in this transfer. We are doing a lot of contacting but we don't have very many investigators. However, we have seen some progress, and this week we have made a lot of plans to change that. And this week we will change it.
Whenever we offer to do service for people here, the only service they accept is for us to pray for them. So we are trying to find some sort of project we can do and always looking for unplanned activities but here people aren't as trusting.
This transfer is extra long, it is for 8 weeks, so here in two weeks we`ll be getting our transfer calls. I think Elder Melendez and I will be staying here together for another transfer.
Not a whole lot to update this week, but we can summarize by saying that General Conference was definitely the highlight of the whole entire week. 

Lotta love!!!

Elder Kendall
Me and my companion Elder Melendez (who is from Lima, Peru... home of the newly announced temple!!)


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