Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Teaching with Luis Bohorques is the best!

Transfers!!!!!!!!!!! Are you ready........... Building up the suspense.......
Here we go................. Transfers.............
I'm staying here in Girardot with Elder Melendez!! Haha, pretty unclimatic actually, usually they take forever to tell us the changes but this time they called at like 9:15 and told us we both stay! But it's good, because we got lots of good people we've got to baptize. 
This week was about 100 times better than previously, we had lots of lessons and lots of powerful moments!!! We truly gave our all and worked a whole lot, and it payed off. That Sunday at the beginning of the week, I did a fast so that we could have a better week and finally find some new people to teach. Then on Monday we went out planning to contact the whole world, talking to every person we saw. Some of the first people we talked to was a family of 10 people that a lot of them used to attend church in Bogota and were taught by the missionaries but moved here to Girardot and lost contact. So this week we will meet with them to teach them, they are really cool! We have to teach them in the chapel, but that will be a lot better anyways.
Wednesday we had to do my first divisions in my mission. We had two appointments at 6:00pm so I was in the church with our ward mission leader to teach our investigator Larry and my companion went with two other members to visit Carol who has her baptism date set for the 30th of April. It was pretty crazy, but it worked out. 
Sunday was amazing!!!! At least the church part. We had a multi-stake conference with Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, and Robert D. Hales and Dallin H. Oaks were the two apostles that presided over the conference. Dallin H. Oaks spoke part of his talk in Spanish, and it was flippin awesome!!! He had a strong accent, but it was super cool to hear. 
We were able to have 3 people in the chapel this Sunday. Carol, Norbey, and Jorge, and it was fantastic. All of them have dates for May and they are really progressing for that day!!!
Other than that not much, pretty good week, and oh yeah......
Super super happy for ya sis
That's it for this week, 
All my Love,
Elder Kendall
(Elder Kendall... who is Luis Bohorques??)
Ohhhhh haha, I can't believe I forgot to talk about him!!! Luis Bohorques is flippin amazing. He is the only member of his family and he was a missionary in Ecuador, but he is only just a little bit special, so he couldn't finish his work. But he makes up for it for accompanying the missionaries like every day of his life. He is a stud.

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