Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Dinner In Bogota (Where it really feels cold!)

Hey everybody what’s happening???

The internet today is terrible, so I gotta be quick

This week was super fun, we went to Bogota on Tuesday, and our flight was delayed two hours so we got there at about 6:00 pm. We ate some KFC! It was delicious, and after that we went to where we thought we were staying when the one of the secretaries called us asking if we had gotten to our hotel. We had no idea so we had to run (or go in taxi) to our hotel. We got there pretty late. 

Wednesday we got to go to the temple with President Baquerizo and a bunch of other missionaries, I got to see Elder Marsh!! It was super cool, and the session was wonderful. I had a wonderful time. After that we ate some Subway and bought some things in the distribution center, and by that time we had to go look for where we were going to skype. Got to talk to the family, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Thursday we had our dinner with every single missionary in the mission it was amazing!!! So cool!! I saw Elder Ross and Elder Karra and all my old companions! Amazing. 

Friday we almost missed our return flight here to Leticia, that was a crazy story I don’t really have time for. 

We had four investigators attend this week!! It was so good, and we are also going to have the marriage of the Casado Family this week, I’m SO excited, things are going to be great these few weeks, I’m loving it!! 

That was more or less the week, with lots of crazy stuff added in there. 


Elder Kendall

Anaconda squeeze!!

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