Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day, and Rain!

So this week it rained. That's it, all I got to say. Peace!

No, just kidding, but really it did rain way too much. It always gets hot right around lunch and then it starts to pour right when we start leaving to visit and teach. Oh well, rain is good.
This week, passed by like a flash of lightning! I remember talking with Elder Thompson last Sunday about how we were going to talk to our families in a week, and then I blinked and it was Sunday and we were talking with our families! So, yeah it was fast.

Well, the work is going good in our area. We have a few people that are really progressing, and there are a bunch of contacts that we did last week that we have to look for this week. That was a lot of what we did this week, on Friday we had an exchange with the elders in Bosa, and I went with Elder Gambini who is from Argentina. It went pretty well, although we didn't find all the people we were hoping to find. The Vargus family is still going strong, they are just amazing. They now have four attendances at church and are just preparing themselves to be baptized the 3rd of June. 

Saturday was a crazy day. We had to help with two moves, run to lunch, change and shower in the elders of Libertad 3's house because we didn’t have water, go to a baptism of the elders in Libertad 2, run back to the house of Libertad 3 to get a bed that we had to take somehow to another area, in Bosa. We waited for about an hour and a half for a taxi that could try and take the bed frame we had to transport, until we gave up and called the housing secretary who said that he would call a member who could another day take it to Bosa. So we took the bed frame home. That was a really short resume of Saturday. 

That was pretty much the week. This week Hugo Montoya is coming to the mission! He is in the Area Presidency for our area, and he on Thursday is going to have a meeting with the zone leaders and then Saturday talk with the whole zone, so I’m really excited for that! 

The mission, is awesome.


Elder Kendall


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