Monday, May 1, 2017

Transfers, and a Whole lot of 'em!

Hey everybody! 

Okay, so this week went especially fast, the time just slipped on by. Well, not a whole lot happened this week really, Elder Amato was pretty much just getting stuff ready to go home the whole week, and we didn't get to teach as much. 

But, there is still a really good thing about this week, and it is the Vargus family. They are really so very prepared by the Lord. They attended church for the second time this week, and they just loved it. This time the whole family went, and they all enjoyed it a bunch. We had to move their baptismal date to the third of June because the 27th of May is stake conference, but other than that until now there is nothing but time and more learning that is stopping them from being baptized. Carlos, the dad, has told us many times that he found the truth, and that he wants to feel and experience baptism so much. 

The daughter, Karen, told us she had a dream one night, where she couldn't sleep or do anything because she wanted to know the truth. She was praying a ton, and reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Then she dreamed that she saw some ancient scrolls like the ones the Old Testament was written on, and that while she was reading she heard someone tell her that it was the truth, that this was the correct path. Amazing!! They are so excited, and I’m just humbled to know that God has placed them in our hands to simply help them along. 

Also Transfers! So, Elder Amato left, and so did half of the missionaries in the zone! 9 of the 18 missionaries got transferred, and the zone is so new now. I’m super pumped to see how things are going to go, we are going to have a whole lot more missionaries now that are a lot more excited about the work. I have good feelings about this transfer, I know that we are going to be able to do great things. My new companion is Elder Thompson, he is from Moroni Utah, and is a great guy. It is going to be a great time. Also, there are now sister missionaries in Casablanca!!!! They kicked the Elders out and put sisters in! That is a huge change! It will be interesting to see. 

That was this week. I love the mission, gotta take advantage of every day that is left. Because time goes too fast. 


Elder Kendall


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