Monday, March 21, 2016

Workin hard=Blessings Received

Hello Family and Friends!!
So.... Ian is a rugby BEAST!!! Just wanted to get that out there.
This week we have been seeing some good things coming, although this coming week is "Semana Santa" (Holy Week) and that is going to be interesting.
The best part about the week is our investigator Zulma Sanchez. She is doing amazing. Each time we meet with her she has read a TON in the Book of Mormon. In between one of our appointments she was just starting 2nd Nephi, and then like 4 days later when we met with her again she had already gotten into Mosiah!!! We had an appointment this week and during it we talked about how we had planned her baptism date for the 2nd of April, but we forgot it was conference weekend(don't ask me how we forgot that) and so we were going to move it to the 9th. She was pretty sad we were going to have to move it back, and she asked us if there was anything we can do to move it a week early to the 26th of March instead. We weren't sure, but we called President to find out. We told him about how well she is doing, how she has told us repeatedly that she knows the church is true, and he said that she can do it!!!! So, this Saturday she is going to get baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is a huge testimony of how the gospel blesses peoples lives and how there are people prepared for us. 
Also, we have another investigator that we contacted knocking on doors. Her name is Carol Ensisa, and she is really good too. She grew up learning a ton of the Bible from her father, and has been enjoying the lessons of the gospel we have taught. She told us she wanted to go to church and she if she liked it, because she was searching for a church to go to. She told us that if she liked what she saw at church and felt something, she was willing to be baptized. So this Sunday we went to go get her to bring her to church. We got into the chapel and she sat down near the front. Then our Ward mission leader took her and sat her down in between two ladies in the chapel, and we were sitting in the bench next to hers. I've never been so nervous during a sacrament meeting in my life!!!! The whole time I was praying so hard that she would feel the spirit and like church. The talks were good, and we were feeling good, but not sure how she was feeling. Then in the Gospel Principles class, we were divided into groups to learn about the life of Christ. Then all the groups shared what they learned, and Carol got up and shared a part about what they talked about in her group!! Her first time in church and she was already sharing stuff!! 
After it all, we talked to her and asked her she felt at church....... and she said she loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She felt really good and liked it a lot, she has a baptism date for the 16th of April, and I really think she will be ready before then for baptism.
So yeah, those are my both big experiences this week, both on Sunday. Other than that we are working a whole lot on finding, and getting new investigators.
THE GOSPEL IS TRUE!!!!! I love this work!!!! If we do all we can to work hard, we can recieve blessings. 
Elder Kendall

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