Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Find some new's, and Cow Feet

SALUTATIONS FOLKS!!! (hope I spelt salutations right, looks a little weird to me)

6 Months in the mission!!! Why is time going so fast???.........

The dentist office gave me 4 new tooth brushes to use for each six months of mission, so now I'm opening a brand new one!!!!!

This week was pretty aight, the first few days were kinda hard, but it got better by the end of the week. We have been struggling to have a lot of lessons, for some reason a lot of our appointments fell. I don't like it when that happens!!!!!

Tuesday we got to meet with a reference of a member, her name is Zulma Sanchez and she is awesome!!! We first met her in the chapel, she has been investigating the church for about 4 years but hasn't been baptized, she had a date to be baptized with the other missionaries but she couldn't complete her goal for work and other things. But she is super righteous!!! She reads the Book of Mormon every day and loves to pray, the only thing she faults now is to go to church darny darn it!!!! She was going to be baptized the 26th of March. She lives in Flandes, which is part of our area that we can't enter because it's a little bit more dangerous, but she has a hair-cut place in Girardot. We passed by the Saturday before to remind here to attend, and she said that she would be there. But, Sunday came and.... No Zulma! We are trying to find out why she didn't come but we haven't been able to talk to her.

The rest of the day, our appointments fell, same with all of Wednesday, and also Thursday. Which was rough. Sometimes we confirm twice the appointments and still nothin, but we were able to find some new people.

Friday we had a zone conference, and there's a new rule!! When we are in our house, we can only speak English!!!! Which is really hard XD My companion doesn't know any, so I've been teaching him a lot of words and such and it has made me realize that English is really weird!!! haha XD But things were better this day, we were able to have our appointments and find some new people that are pretty sweet. 

Saturday I got some pretty interesting lunch....... It was cow feet, but the fat/jelly part that comes from the foot of the cow. It was pretty much pure fat, and it still had all the little hairs of the cow on the outside skin part....... I couldn't make myself do it. My companion helped me out, he is a good companion like that.

It's been hot as usual, really hot XD But my companion and I are good and we are having a good time out here.

Some things are hard, but we are doing some good things out here and I'm lovin it!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Kendall

P.S. I told you homework is stupid!!!!!! XD 

A little P-day selfie for ya, we went on a hike today!!

Pretty sweet mountains out here

Sweet view!!


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