Monday, May 2, 2016

Mothers Are The Best

Alrighty so first off I'll give ya the info to skype since that is what ya´ll wanna hear about.
We were thinking about doing it Sunday the 8th at 4:00pm Colombia time. We got 40 min like the last time, so were going to have to plan out what we talk about good haha :D But I'm super excited!!! The mission goes by crazy fast!! Any questions just let me know.
Can't believe that so many crazy things have happened this past week at home. Ian is a super stud, and Janica is going to be so darny beautiful!!! What a wonderful time.
This week was aight, we were able to teach some good lessons. We had a zone meeting on Friday where I learned a ton about listening to what the investigator is saying, like really listening. Because when we listen is when we have miracles and the Holy Ghost can be with us and show us the way.
Unfortunately, we couldn't get Carol ready for baptism this week, there was a lot of struggle to get appointments with her because she didn't have time or we couldn't get a guy to accompany us to the appointment so that we could teach her. Tomorrow we have an appointment with her, and we are going to talk really good about her baptism this Saturday and the steps she needs to make to make it all happen. We are going to work really hard, and I have faith that she will definitely reach baptism this Saturday. She is awesome and hasn't been discouraged although she has gone through a lot.
What we are still struggling with is finding new people. I'm not sure why we´re having such a hard time but we desperately need to meet new investigators. So that once again is our new focus this week. But time is going really fast and I'm glad to be working here in Girardot!!!!
Friday we also had a branch talent show, it was pretty darn awesome. Me and my companion got to participate in the Young Single Adult´s play, we were the people who held up a sign that said "Se Vende la Mula" which means "The Mule is for Sale". It was pretty darn hilarious, got a pretty good video of it that I'll have to show you guys.
That was pretty much it this week. We have some good plans to find new people this week and Carol should be baptized. On top of it all I get to see all your cute faces!!! 

Life is good!!!!


Elder Kendall

Talent show!!

The guy in the blue shirt is Luis Bohorques, the guy that always accompanies us

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