Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mothers day!!!!! New Investigators!!!!!!!!!!

This week we found new investigators!!!!!! It was so nice, and the family is really great that we found. They invited us to eat lunch with them on Friday, and we were able to teach them afterwards. There is a lot of work to be done but I they will be really good. That same day we also got 3 different lunches, it was pretty great. 

One of the jobs I know that you have to speak English is to be a chef. We have an investigator named John, the same one that owns the restaurant (where the Elders ate lunch Friday), that has to take an English learning class in order to get his certificate thingy in cooking. So I've been helping him with that. That is more specific, other than that, knowing English really just helps you in just about every job field here. (This is the answer to a question I asked Zach to help me with my homework..)

Other things that families do is also go to the pool or they get together and cook a bunch of food like a barbecue. 

This week was a blast, we also got a new part of Girardot added to our area so that we can have some new people and new streets to contact. We are going to be visiting there a whole lot this week, and we have lots of other investigators that are making some good steps to baptism. 

Skyping with the family was the best thing ever!!! I was super happy to see you guys and your faces also. 

I forgot to ask, How is Cody Tarpley doing?? Have you heard anything about or from him. I need his email so that I can talk to that guy, he is the best. 

Sorry this week is kinda short, not much else happened. 

All my Love,

Elder Kendall
PS - Okay, so I'm kinda going crazy right now......... Here in the internet cafe where I'm writing I'm pretty sure their playing All American Rejects!!!!! I miss listening to music like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So..... We went to the bathroom and I washed my face, but they didn't have any paper towels... So I found my own way to dry my face.....

Our District P'day

Me and my companion Elder Melendez

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