Monday, July 25, 2016

Walking, its what a missionary does!!!

Elder Amaya and his future family.....
Aight so this week we walked!! We walked a lot!!! But it's cool, because I can pretty much walk all day now and my legs don't hurt or get tired because, that's what missionaries do!!! I hope you guys are ready to hike when we can go to Zions again because I can walk pretty much forever now!!!

We didn't have that many lessons this week, but one of them we had Tuesday was a highlight for sure. We were visiting a Part-Member family that we have been trying to teach for a while and they haven't really been progressing. The mom and dad aren't members and the Mom really wants to get baptized but her husband doesnt want to get married.... So we have been working on the dad. But! As we were there we met a cousin to the family that's named Brian! And he is awesome!! He has known about the missionaries for about a year already, but they never were able to really focus on him. So, we presented the Questions of the Soul and the Book of Mormon to him. And, by the end of the lesson he accepted a baptism date!! It was pretty cool, he has a lot of questions about families. 

Sunday...... Nobody (investigators) came to church....... 
That was really kinda a bummer, we really need people to start attending because nobody we are teaching has gone to church yet. I have really come to appreciate the importance of attending church in my mission, and that is our main focus this week. ATTEND CHURCH!!! We should be getting some good references from some of the members this week.

That's pretty much it for the week, missionary work is tough but there's still nothin else I'd rather be doin!! Time goes fast!!!


Elder Kendall

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