Monday, September 19, 2016

Plan Bs

Hey Family how’s it all goin??

This week time went really fast like normal, I can’t believe that there are only two weeks left in this transfer. I’ve already had almost 4 and 1/2 months here in CasaBlanca! 

Well, this week didn´t go quite as planned, and so we are having to go with some plan-bs these next couple weeks. One of those things is the baptism of the Nupia family. So, everything was going good for them to be ready for the 24th, and we were really excited. But, on Sunday we passed by the family to see how they were and to bring them to church, when Kelly, one of the kids that is going to be baptized, told us that her mom isn´t going to go back to church. So we were kinda worried about that statement, since it would be really hard to baptize the three kids if their mom is less active still. So we asked if they were still going to church and she said that she was. Kelly and her sister Paola showed on Sunday, but when we asked if we could pass by the same night to teach the rest of the lessons that we needed to before their baptism, their mom said no. 

So, we are still trying to figure that out, I think their baptisms will have to wait for after General Conference, and after the Transfer. 

Other than that they are all good and ready for baptism. We have some other good people we have found, and are just trying to get people to show up to church. 

I’m super pumped for General Conference in two weeks! I’m going to be here In CasaBlanca which will be really cool. I’m kinda afraid I’m going to be leaving, which would feel a little too soon. But, it will all be the will of the Lord. 

Anyways, not much else happened, we´re getting along here and I can’t believe how fast the time is going!

Awesome Scripture by the way, Alma 34:7-9

The Atonement is perfect, and its why I can change, and I’m so very grateful for that!!!


Elder Kendall

If you look really closely you can see Elder Ross :)

Zach was really intrigued by these men cutting down trees with a machete

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