Monday, September 26, 2016

Transfers are coming to an end...

Hey everybody! What’s happenen?? 

This transfer is going really fast, we got one week to go, after conference we´ll be getting the call whether or not I´ll be leaving or staying in CasaBlanca!

This week was pretty sweet, we were able to find some new people who accepted our invitation to be baptized. One of the guys is someone who was a reference from the MTC, he is a taxi driver, named Fabian. He let us in for a little bit and said he didn’t have much time, so we started talking and getting to know him. We shared about eternal families which he was really interested in, and in a short amount of time we talked about baptism and invited him to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized and he accepted! He´s a great guy. 

Pretty sweet experience last night on Sunday, me and Elder Ross were sitting there trying to plan for Monday when out of nowhere we hear directly outside of our door and Mariachi band just start jammin out on their guitars and trumpets and a guy singin love songs in Spanish. Really loud. So we got up and my companion opened the door to see what was going on, and when the people outside saw him, they told him to come out and party with them. 

My companion kindly declined without saying a word and closing the quickly closing the door. Awesome.

The Nupia family has a set date for their baptism the 8th of October, they already have attended church and are just waiting to do it after conference. Exciting!! We´ll see if I stay for the next transfer. 

I’m SUPER pumped for conference, it is going to be pure amazingness. 

We are doing some good things here in CasaBlanca, I love this place!! I’ve gotten to know some really wonderful people here, and it’s been the best. 

Well, that’s all the time I got this week, Missionary life is the best. 

Oh! I forgot, We also had a two hour lesson with some Jehovah Witnesses this week, but that story will have to wait for next week.


Elder Kendall

We got our door fixed! You're welcome mom!
Also, the beds we have in our apartment are ancient.

The grandkid of the family who gives lunch! We call him our little brother!

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