Monday, April 24, 2017

Another week gone by ?!?

Well, hey everybody!! This week passed by quickly, which always happens. But we did so many things this week. We did three different exchanges, and let me tell you that doing that can drain you pretty good! We have done five now in the past two weeks. It has been fun.

So I gotta tell you guys about the Vargus family. They are amazing. Last week my companion received them as a reference from a family of members that we have been working with, and Sunday on the 16th we went to teach them for the first time.

And they are just pure awesomeness. The next time my companion went to visit them with another missionary, and we had left the Plan of Salvation pamphlet for them to read as homework. Afterwards we felt like we should have left the Restoration instead.  When my companion got there, they said "We didn’t read the pamphlet because God told us told us not to do it." My companion said "Yes, that is because He wanted us to share this message, The Restoration, instead." And they all felt the spirit confirming that it was true. They listened to the message and understood it all. They said that it filled them up. Like there was a hole that was being filled. And they accepted a baptismal date. 

The next time I went to visit with another Elder, and we talked about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and attending church. They just said that it was all amazing that we taught and they just wanted to do all three. And they attended church! They loved it, and they also told us that they were married in 2001. Which is really just amazing. 

They should be getting baptized the 27th of May for sure. It was pretty awesome.

That’s all I have time for, but we got lots of good things to do now. And it feels good. 



Elder Kendall

Yeah, we played paintball... Sort of...
It wasn't actually paint, it was just rubber balls. Pain. Hahahahaha!

It was pretty intense, couldn't see a thing, and it was pretty close quarters.
But still a good time...

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