Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kicked out of the Hobbit Hole

So yeah I only have 2 weeks left in the CCM! Then its off to real life missionary work in the big old world of Bogota South!!!
Here are some of the things I did and saw.
There was this guy who was just in the middle of the street juggling, he was really good at it.
We went proselyting again!!! This time we went for 3 hours and it was an amazing experience!!! Me and Elder Marsh made a goal to get 15 references (which is peoples contact information) and we got 17!!!! It was really cool, we talked to A LOT of people. Most were really nice, others just didn't have time to listen!!! 
We ran into some Jehovah witnesses, but my companion didn't realize who they were, and I didn't know how to signal him without offending them. So Elder Marsh tried to get their contact info while I stood there awkwardly and the Jehovah witnesses tried to share a book and some of their pamphlets with us. It was really funny after we finished talking to them and I told Elder Marsh who they were. He had no idea.
Elder Holland's talk was my favorite!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!! I just love Elder Holland!!! Also Elder Bednar's talk was fantastic. 
So for the last 4 weeks in the CCM I've been in the same class and the same district, and our classroom became affectionately known as the Hobbit Hole. Because it is so comfy and small.  However, these last to weeks they kicked us out of the Hobbit Hole!!!! But, to make up for it, they combined the 2 districts that they split off at the beginning, so now I'm in one big district with all the Missionaries that I flew in with!! Which a super cool blessing.
We also went on tour!!!! I have a lot of pictures of different stuff, so I will be spending time sending those to you.  I SAW A LLAMA AND I RODE IT!!! You got the pictures right? You saw the pure glee in my face!?!?!
I hope you know how much being a missionary has made my life awesome!!! I enjoy it a whole lot!

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