Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Con todo el amor en el Mundo

Alrighty, lets get down to business, to defeat, the HUNS (YAAAAH)! (From Mulan, if you weren't sure)
Alrighty Peoples, starting with My companion rulez!!! Seriously I love this guy, even though he speaks really fast and I don't know what he is saying or what is going on, I love the guy. He is a great help for me.
This week was kinda hard to be honest, it turns out we aren't really close with a baptism for Katerina, even though she has all the lessons and is totally technically ready, she lacks the desire to be baptized, which is kinda important for her to have, and is a little frustrating. However, we got to teach Darwin, who is a new investigator and is really awesome. He is a Coastano, which means that his Spanish is extremely fast and hard for my companion to understand, which means I usually understand nothing of what he says. However, he has been reading the book of Mormon and praying, and we have a strong feeling that he knows it is true. So I hope he can keep progressing. 
Man I don't know how to manage this time well enough to talk to everyone I want, and I don't have the time I want to write this week. But anyways, 
Today we also had an activity that we planned with our branch missionary work leader.  It was supposed to start at 10, but no one showed up until 12, including our leaders who had the keys to the church, which was a little frustrating. But after that, people from the branch came and it was a lot of fun.  We played fútbol, and I even scored a goal, which was a miracle because I can't play fútbol. None of our investigatores came, which was also hard because we really wanted them to meet the members and be able to make friends with the members. But, alas they did not come. Pero, it was still a great activity.
So yes, I suppose I should share with you I am really tired, because I couldn't sleep at all last night. I was a little sick, and I threw up this morning, but I am much better now. 
Something awesome that was also this morning, was we got to do service that we contacted while on the street. They are fantastic, and I'm hoping that soon we will be able to visit them. 
I'm going to pull a Nephi and say I cant write 1/100 of what has been happening these weeks, but that is what I have my journal for. Also I have only received one letter so far in the district meetings. 
Know that I am so happy as a missionary and that I really love the people in Tindal. The people in our branch  are so dang competitive I love them to death. They are all very good people. 
Also I have seen some snakes XD XD (Snakes are Colombian young ladies who like to hiss at handsome young Americans)

I hope that life is going good!
Con todo el amor en el Mundo,
Elder Kendall

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