Monday, November 2, 2015

Quiero Paz, Quiero Amor, Quiero Dulce, Por Favor!

Me on Halloween

The weather is actually pretty cold here, especially at nights. I end up using my sweaters pretty much every day, they are so useful.  Also it has been raining a lot the last few days, I have loved it.  It has been really nice.

Our area only has a branch, with about 30 active members in it, it hasn't grown into an actual ward. YET.

Here was my week:

This week was pretty good. I'm beginning to get the hang of this missionary life a little bit. I'm going to be honest, Spanish is a big barrier for me, it's real hard sometimes. But time after time after time I have seen the hand of the Lord, Guiding me. Always. Let me give you some examples.

Service. This week we have done a lot of service, which the only service that people let you do around is helping them move, usually up a lot of stairs. I'm not sure what it is about Bogota, but people move to different appartments ALL the time. But it provides amazing service, in which we can contact new people. Me and my companion had a special fast this last Tuesday to Wednesday, which at the end of our fast on Wednesday, we had our first opportunity to help someone move. Then again on Friday. Me and my companion also got to clean the Church this last saturday, it was good. 

Testimony: I have been able to share my testimony a lot this week. During fast sunday at church, I got up and bore my testimony to our little branch. I have no idea what I said, but by the looks on peoples faces it was something good, I was really glad I had the opportunity to share it. Many times during lessons this week, I have been able to express my mind more fully in Spanish, because I have a lot to share about this gospel, and I am finally begining to be able to express it in Spanish. 

HALLOWEEN!!! So Halloween is pretty fun here, it's more or less the same as in the United States, except with 8 million people in the streets. Seriously So many People. We had one lesson with a family, and then around 7:00 we had to return home because none of our other appointments were home, and the streets were getting kinda crazy. The kids here are hilarious, they have a saying to ask for candy that they ask EVERY single time before they get candy. It goes like this "Quiero Paz, Quiero Amor, Quiero Dulce, Por Favor!" It is pretty awesome. In english it means "I want peace, I want love, I want candy, Please!" and they have to say it every time or else they dont get candy. It is awesome. I sent a picture with my "Costume" So that you can see how awesome it is. Also, we got these marshmallow candy things, and decided we wanted to roast them. So we did, over the little flame of our gas stove, it was pretty awesome. I do miss american candy though, a lot. They have a lot of hard candy, little simple things, a lot for what they give out here.
How is it in America? Any crazy costumes of the little Ninos?

So yeah this week was really good, filled with fun and the spirit!!

Elder Kendall


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