Monday, November 23, 2015

The gift of tongues is real

So this week was pretty normal, I have gotten to the point in my Spanish where I can understand about 90% of what is going on most of the time, which is a huge blessing. The other night in our lesson I wasn't thinking about how I wanted to say things, I just said them. The gift of tongues is real, and it is the only reason that I can do anything out here.

Next week is transfers, yeah that's right I've almost completed my first 6 weeks in the field already. I don't know how it is going in Utah, but out here in Colombia I swear they all have the clocks set on extra fast mode because that is how the time goes here. I have already almost completed 3 months of my mission, I honestly cant believe it. I am really good though, my companion is seriously awesome. This transfer is going to be a little hard I think.

I'm not sure why my taste buds didn't work before because pancakes are flippin tasty. I have realized, there's a lot of food I have taken for granted, which is really good and is in America. I have also learned that Tintal is pretty much as nice of an area as it gets living and food wise. The people are rich here. I have learned there is a soup, where they put a chicken foot, and then all the rest of the organs of the chicken, and that is the soup. Also that there is a dish they do where they take vegetables, and blend up the intestines of an animal mixed with mayonnaise and use that for the dressing. And that's it. Pray for me.

But yeah anyways, next week is transfers, and I'm pretty sure that Elder Ichuro is going somewhere else. He has almost seven months in Tintal, so he is getting about ready to leave. Which also means that if he leaves, I will have to lead the area. Which is to say, I will be the one that knows the area more so I will have to lead my new companion around and decide where and what we are going to do, like what!?! It is going to be interesting, but I know that with the guidance of the spirit I can do all things. 

Our investigator Darwin is doing really well, we have taught him the first 3 lessons and the Word of Wisdom, and the only thing he has a problem with is coffee.  I have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Darwin said in our last visit that usually whenever people come to him and tell him about another book other than the bible, he doesnt like it. But with the Book of Mormon he said that it is good, and that it is the word of God. He is so darn good, I can feel he has been prepared by the Lord. When we asked him if he would keep the word of wisdom and stop drinking coffe, he said of course, and he didnt have a problem with stopping. I can feel the Lord pouring his spirit upon this guy, all that he lacks so far is attending church. Which are going to help him by giving him a tour of the chapel and letting him see how to get there from his house.  We have his baptism set for the 12 of December, and I really think he will be ready by then.

Also, Elder Richens(James) is already a Dad!!! That is to say that he is already training!! He told me today that last week he picked up his son. SO COOL!!!!

We had stake conference this week, which was really good, I got to see Hermano Castiblanco from the CCM!! That guy is super legit. 

Also, next week I am giving a talk on "The Sacrifice of All Things." It's for 10 minutes, and that's right, its in Spanish, which is kinda weird, it almost feels like I'm in a country that only speaks Spanish. But there are some great scriptures for me to use and I am excited to give this talk.

Not to much this week, next week is going to be big!! 

Con Mucho Amor 
Elder Kendall

fotos de el ultimo semana

(Photos of the last week)

Pancakes Zach made for his companion's birthday

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