Monday, November 9, 2015

This weeks edition of Elder Kendall life

Alrighty you ready for this weeks edition of Elder Kendall life, here we go.

My companion has learned how to say "you are my heaven" and "you got beef bruh!!" so you know that I have been teaching him quality phrases in English. Also I got my letter from the CCM finally, also I learned that you have to send anything that you want to send me to the Mission office, and then they will bring it to me at our district meetings.

Some of the points that I like or that I think are funny from the 34 Points on How to be a Happy Missionary (an article Zach got in his letter from the CCM): Point 5) hahaha that one is funny!! (Eventually you will get good at eating all the food on your plate)  Number ten about recipes. You should send me some recipes, some simple ones. We even have a croc-pot that we can use! I would love some real food to make ourselves. Point 12) with the piano, Oh how I wish I could play the piano, or that we even had a piano. In our chapel, we don't have one. But that does not stop the Colombians from singing, and they do it with all their hearts. I love the goodness out of these people, but they need a piano. But I love it because they sing louder than our ward does back home. I like numbers 20-22:Laugh. Cry. Pray. A lot, He understands. Another point, the one about dogs: There are dogs EVERYWHERE in Bogota. They are literally all over the place in the streets, and everybody, and I do mean everybody, has some sort of pet. I actually do have a small freezer believe it or not (for number 27:  You will have bad days, keep ice cream in the freezer for this purpose).

So lunches are pretty hard for me, but that's because eating food sometimes is hard for me. Everyday we have lunch with members, and they cook pure Colombian food, and sometimes its a struggle bus for me to get through, but I am making it. We don't ever really cook, unless its eggs, but today I bought pancake mix, because thats something else that I've been converted to, is how GOOD pancakes are. We don't ever grocery shop XD Today was the first day that I bought some groceries, because I really wanted some other stuff to have. Every day we buy bread and that is generally what we eat for breakfast, which I'm okay with because the bread here is amazing. 
It has been raining a ton lately, so much so the other day that it flooded the streets a little bit. I am really greatful I brought that coat with me, I've used it quite a few times.
The other day, I had my first lesson where I actually talked a little more than my companion, it was really good because I found confidence in my Spanish, and though it was far from perfect I was able to teach the ideas that I wanted. I love the first lesson, it is my favorite, it was the one we taught. It is the one I can express the most about. 
We also had primary program, it was really cute, Mom, we are so blessed with are members in Utah. Along with a lot of other stuff. We had about 5 kids for our primary program speak, and they were all awesome. The rest of the time was filled with a couple talks by adults about the primary program. What a blessing it is to have the primary program. 
So, the other day we were meeting with a lady and talking to her outside her apartment on the ground floor, when all of the sudden... appeared a bunny!!! Yeah, I was thinking "Holy cow a bunny in Colombia, how weird!?"  Then another one popped out of nowhere, and ran over to the other bunny. And all I could think was, uh-oh there's about to be a whole lot more bunnies in Colombia, because ya'know, they're bunnies. 
On Sunday, I was having a real hard time with Spanish. I was not understanding anything and I also couldn't express what I wanted to say, I was also attacked with thoughts of my friends and home. But, like always, once I got to work, God showed his tender mercies to me. Our first Visit was with a less active family the Jemenz. We shared our thought, which came from Alma 50:1-6. which I also recomend to read because it is awesome. Anyways, once we were done, the Father asked me how long I had been learning Spanish. I told him for 2 months. He was said it was amazing how well I was able to speak spanish and express my thoughts about the scripture. He said it was so cool how in 2 months I was able to speak pretty good Spanish. I know that the gift of tongues is real. I know that my Spanish is far from perfect, but it is amazing how much I have learned in only 2 months. 
I can't write everything I want to, I will have to more next week.  Know that I am so happy, and that we also have someone we are hoping to baptize for the 14th!! Please pray that Katerine (our investigator) with have the desire to be baptized this Saturday!
Com Mucho Amor
Elder Kendall

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