Monday, December 7, 2015

Alrighty, Mucho Cambios Este Semana

Yo yo, it's me down is the big city. I got some good stuff, I´ll start with new stuff.
That day that I was waiting for my new companion to come from Laticia, we waited from 9:00 in the morning til 7:30 at night, so it was a good amount of time to wait. But he arrived and he is pretty cool. His name is Elder Espinola, he is from Paraguay and he also speaks pretty good English, and of course a ton of Spanish. He also knows Portuguese, because there are a lot of people that speak that in Laticia. 

This week has been a big change and a big challenge without having Elder Ichuro to help me out with the area. It becomes a lot harder to know what we are going to do if our appointments fall, because I run out of people to visit, since I only know the area so well. But we have been finding some new people and we are getting along. It is a lot of hard work and a ton of learning, and it has been very good for me to focus on these people and figure out who we are going to teach. 

Side note, I still have pictures to send, but I cant because my computer doesn't have a USB for me to plug in, so hopefully next week.

Darwin is going good, we have had some really powerful lessons with him, about baptism and other such things. The only thing he faults is he didn't attend church yesterday, which was pretty hard and disappointing. Unfortunately he won't be able to reach his goal of being baptized the 19th of December because he still needs to attend church 2 more times. We aren't exactly sure what happened, we hope that we can meet with him this week and see how he is doing. I still have a lot of confidence he can continue to progress, and although it is difficult, I know the Lord is with us and I know that he will bless him. 

Also Star Wars is coming out, and it's been getting to me a little bit. There is a less active member that we have been visiting, and the last time we visited his 1 and a half year old daughter was wearing this jacket that was the perfect size for it to be a Jedi robe. It was flippin cool, she looked just like a padawan, a Jedi in training. 

Also Scriptures that have helped me this week 

Alma 17:13    Philippians 4:13 

That is pretty much it for this week, as always I'll pull a Nephi and say that I can't write one hundredth of what I have lived, but I can't wait to talk to you guys and tell ya about Bogota!!!


Elder Kendall

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