Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Greetings from Giradot, The hottest place in the mission.

Hi mom!!!  I'm still alive and well, just sweating a little bit more.

So yeah, I start with the changes, because there were a lot of them. The way we know our transfers is they call us at night on Sunday, and we leave in the morning on Monday. They are really sudden actually. So what happened with Tintal.....

At about 10:40 we got the call of the tranfers, and they said, to be quick... Both of you are going.....

That's right!!! Elder Espinola and I both got transfered!!! We both got kicked out of there and moved to other places. And I'm just a little outside of Bogota now.... about 3 hours away in a big city called Giradot. That's right baby I'm in Tierra Caliente!!!! And dont worry, its actually not hot, its HELL! XD Only because it is extremely hot, not in any other way. Really it's amazingly beautiful down here, I love the difference of that of Bogota, that it's not all huge with millions of people living in tiny apartments. It is awesome, and I'm going to get used to the heat while getting to know the area. Right now its about 90 to 100 degrees all day everyday, and we can only use long sleeve shirts (not sure if it is possible to send me more or I can buy more here, because I only have 2) and so yeah it's hot stuff. 

Getting around is easy peasy though because we have bikes!!!! That's right, I'm now cruzin around like a homie in the streets of Colombia. I love having a bike it is really nice actually, the only thing I need to fix is the seat, because my booty is just a little bit sore. But I'm getting accustomed, and don't worry I have found a new love here, and her name is water. I LOVE WATER!!! haha

My companion stayed in Bogota, he is going to be a District leader, train again, and open an area, so he's got his plate full of work to do.

Not sure what's going to happen for Darwin, and all the other wonderfull people I left in Tintal, but I really hope somehow Darwin can still have his baptism like we had planned for this Saturday.
I got to call Darwin the morning we left, so that was good. I just hope he keeps progressing and is baptized. It's hard to change but I'm excited to be somewhere new. 

I love all your stories and that stuff, keep it comin!!! :D

So yeah, that's my life so far with all the changes that have happened
Love love love, more LOVE I LOVE YOU!

Elder Kendall

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