Monday, January 4, 2016

Tacos for New Years, and almost finishing Training.....

Woooooo time is going by so darny darn fast, I cant believe how fast this transfer has gone. 
New Years happened, and it wasn´t very bad at all, it actually was pretty calm, pretty tranquilo.

People still drank like crazy but thats pretty normal for Holidays like that so nothing to crazy. There were some fireworks and that kinda stuff but nothing major, me and my companion however cooked tacos, and really good ones at that, so that was pretty crazy. I love the recorder I have, we got some pretty awesome stories on there for you guys when I get back :D

We have been working hard and should see some baptisms coming soon. We are planning on Darwin for the 16th of January, Lorena for the 23rd, and Alexandra for the 30th, all in January!! If all goes well and they come to church, we will be having a lot of happy and saved souls coming into the branch. Our time changed to 8:00 in the mornings for sundays, and attendance of the members was pretty interesting. But we still had our normal amount of people attenting by the end of sacrament so that was good. 

Darwin should get back in Bogota today, so we are happy that we can start working with him extra hard for him to be baptized the 16th. He is awesome, he called us like twice, once during Christmas and once during new years to see how we´re doing. It was pretty legit.

Other than that we are working hard for good things to come in this next transfer.

Oh yeah, I ONLY HAVE ONE MORE WEEK OF TRAINING!!!! How crazy is that to think, I´ve nearly had 4 months in Colombia. After this week, I'm going to be one of the normal missionaries that is just doing his thing. I can't believe how fast this time has gone, it is kinda weirding me out. Also next week we´re having transfers, and I think that Elder Epinola and I will be staying here for another 6 weeks in Tintal, which I really hope, because we have so many good things coming.

It's so okay for Ian to use my guitar, the truth is that I miss it a lot actually, I want to buy one here one day, with awesome Colombian sound.

I really wish I could do my jury duty but, darn, its just to bad haha!!! I cant believe papa and I have been selected, that's pretty funny haha.

Looking forward to the future, to continue workin with my crazy but funny comp.

Con todo el amor en todo el mundo,

Elder Kendall

New Years tacos

That is the arrow through the bag from the bow...

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