Monday, January 25, 2016

Time is going quick, I think the heat has something to do with it.

It is always a nice temperature of really hot here, but I'm gettin used to living in it. The week passed really fast, like normal time is going out of control and speeding by! 
We have been focusing a lot on finding, because we don't have very many investigators right now. So I've been reading a lot in chapter 9 which is "Finding people to teach." I really do love this chapter, it talks a ton about having the faith to find people. That is what I always focus on, that there is at least one person waiting to hear the gospel, and if we´re doing our part, we´ll find them. So that is what we´ve been doing a lot of is contacting and looking for more people. 

Having been in this same area his whole mission and having this proccess of always looking for new people to teach and always contacting has been hard on my companion. Yesterday was a little tough for us, because here in our area on Sunday unless we have our appointments for the night super confirmed, we don't have anything to do. And our appointments fell last night, so we were looking for what we can do. On Sunday nights things get a little crazy here, and people are either out with their friends at bars, or reject in the first few moments of us trying to talk to them. Many of the people we know we can't visit after the sun goes down because we can't enter many parts of our area at night. So it was a little hard searching for someone we could visit. 

But we have been working and we have been finding. We were able to meet with the man who lost his son, and we taught him the Restoration because he asked us why there are so many churches in the world. He liked it I think, but it is hard to meet with him because he works all the time this week. I'm hoping we can meet with him atleast one more time to teach him the Plan of Salvation.

Our investigators came to Church!!!!! There is one guy named Jorge, and he is really really good. He is an old friend of a less active lady that we have been trying to re-activate, and we were able to teach him and invite him to be baptized. He accepted and felt really excited, he came to church yesterday and said that he loved it!! He told us in his 40 years of living he has never had the opportunity to pray, or go to church, or to learn a whole lot about God. He has always believed but was never given the opportuntity, and he loves it. When he prayed to end our first lesson he said he felt really good. Like he could feel a power or a feeling that he hadn´t before. We are working hard to be able to guide him to baptism the 13 of Febuary!!! He has loved everything so far. 

We didn't have an apostle, but we did have an Area 70 come and teach us, which was still amazing. He is the 70 for Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Venezuela. It really was so good, I learned a ton!!!!

That is how the work has been going here, this week was a little rough, but really we are being so blessed!! I love doing this work!!


Elder Kendall


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