Monday, February 29, 2016

First Baptism, Amazing Experience

Hello hello hello everybody!!!!!! 
So, this week was a tough one having to lead the area and show where everything is, but it's all good because....... We had my first baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The whole thing was really good, it was really exciting to see Christopher make it to this step in the Gospel. Earlier in the week it was pretty tough, we really need to find new people to teach, which we are working on a whole lot. A lot of appointments fell through, I don't like it when that happens but sometimes it happens a lot. But Saturday and Sunday were both amazing!!!!! That day were visiting people by his house, inviting a bunch of people to come to his baptism. When we passed by Christopher was there and said that he wanted to come with us to visit people, so we asked our leaders for permission and he got to come along! It was a little bit hectic, but cool to get to go around with him before hand. The actual baptismal service was pretty darn stressful, Leonardo that was going to baptize Christopher showed up late, didn't have a change of clothes for after, and a lot of other stressfull stuff happened. BUT none of that mattered because the coolest part in the whole world was when my companion Elder Melendez and I got to be the witnesses to the baptism to make sure all the stuff was done correctly. In that moment, it is indescribable the joy and love and happiness that I felt for this guy of 12 years old get baptized by his cousin. Leo performed the baptism perfectly and it was the flippin coolest thing ever. It is and experience that I will definalty NEVER forget. 
Sunday, since Leonardo did the baptism that meant someone else had to do the confirming and guess what......... that person was ME!!!!! I was so so so SO nervous, but it was a really cool experience, I confirmed him a member and everything IN SPANISH!!!!! It was an amazing thing, I'm  so grateful for the gift of tongues--LIFE SAVER! 
In our gospels principles class this same day, the subject was prayer, and how we recieve the answers to our prayers. We were broken up into groups, sharing our ideas and then after, each group got to share in front of the class. One of the Sisters shared a story that I will never be able to forget. She shared how one day she was in the hospital with her aunt, going crazy with stress and sadness because her aunt was dying of cancer. She had no idea what to do, and prayed to our Father in Heaven that she might not be alone and that she might recieve some support. That's when she looked at me and talked about how in this dire moment of need, she could see Elder Justiniano and I pass by the entrance of the hospital on our way to our area. And in that moment she said that we accompanied her in that time of crisis, that we had answered her prayers and that she could feel comfort. As she saw us she could feel her prayer being answered, and that we were with her just from passing by. She thanked us for our service and for being there when she was in need.
I had no idea that this had happened untill she shared her experience with the whole class. I was absolutly astounded, and will never be able to forget how she looked at me and told this story of how when we didnt even know it, we were able to bring comfort and peace just by passing by. 
In my time here in Girardot, I have passed by that entrance of the hospital hundreds of times, and each time it is a struggle, because we have to climb up a very steep incline to the top of the hill to pass by the hospital and get to our area. Many times I felt very tired physically and to be honest sometimes I didn't want to do it. But I will never, ever, regret it. 
We have an unbelievable abilitly to impact those who surround us each day, when we carry the light of Christ, we can bring support and help to others when we don't even know they need it. Always, always, be worthy to share that light, to share that love, that others will need. I have a testimony, that you will never know when someone is going to need it. 
So very amazing these two days, and yes, I have been keeping a journal and I haven't missed a day :D I love the gospel, it is the best thing ever.
I don't have access to papa's blog, I'll have to ask him, that sounds like what we eat everyday!!!! No just kidding XD
The time goes so fast, can't wait to keep having life changing experiences on the mission!!!!!


Elder Kendall

Here is Christopher in the middle, he was baptized by his cousin Leonardo!!!

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