Monday, June 27, 2016

Exchanges in My Mission Birth Place

Hello everyone!! 

This week was pretty aight, sometimes its hard when you find awesome families that seem to be really interested at first, and then for some reason drop you like nothing, but we are doing good things here in CasaBlanca. 

Tuesday we had district meetings! We talked about how working with members will help us to be a lot more effective in each area of the work, and it went pretty well. My district is amazing, We are always pumped up when we get together. After that it was a pretty normal day, with some contacting and some families not wanting stuff. 

A huge focus that our ward mission leader is putting us on and also what we have been thinking about is how we can help the members share and be active in the gospel. The ward here hasn't had the easiest time with past missionaries, so we are focusing on how we can repair that trust with the members and work together. It takes a lot of work, some of the members sometimes don't even want us to visit them, but that's what we`re working on! 

Thursday night we started an exchange with Tintal!!! I went over to my old area with Elder Parraga, and it was one of the coolest things ever to be back in my birthplace(Mission wise). I LOVE Tintal!! I was there from Thursday night to Friday night, and it was a lot of fun. Sometimes it's really hard in Tintal to have appointments set, which is what happened to us, but it was pretty cool still to just be there. I got to meet with Nelson the first investigator I ever visited! Unfortunately not a whole lot has changed for him, but he is still trying to get married to his stubborn wife!! It was a good time.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty cool, we where able to teach a new investigator that was from Missionary Contact, her name is Laura Cristancho, and she is awesome! She is married to her husband!! We haven't been able to teach them both together because of the husband's work schedule, but the sister is amazing! We taught Laura the Restoration, and she was the first investigator I've had that has really understood the importance of this message! When we told her how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith to restore the gospel, she said "Woo, that's like a really big deal..." And we where just there like "Yeah, that is a really big deal!!" 

I'm lovin this work, and we are working with the members and with a few families that just need little stuff to be baptized. The time passes so fast, we are almost going to finish this transfer again. It's the best!!!!!


Elder Kendall

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