Monday, June 20, 2016

This week was another adventure...

Hey everyone! How's it goin?

This week was another adventure, with more exhanges, President Baquerizo, weird lunches, and all that good stuff that happens here in Colombia!

So I`ll start with Tuesday. We had a district meeting on Tuesday, my second one being district leader, and we had a guest in my district meeting! President Baquerizo!! So yeah, an Elder in our zone is going home this week, so he came that day to do his interview and in the meantime decided to join me and my district in our meeting. I was a little nervous to be honest, but I think it went pretty well and President gave us some awesome insights on our investigators. The rest of the day was pretty awesome too, we found two new investigators and they were able to accept a baptism date! 

Wednesday was pretty normal, until that night, when the Zone Leaders called and told me that our exchange with them and the assistants was going to start that same night. So I planned with Elder Amaya, my zone leader, while Elder Price the assistant was there observing us both on how we were doing the exchange and see how it was going. So that started Wednesday night and ended Thursday night. 

Thursday a lot of our appointments fell and I got to learn a lot more of the area, but I learned a whole lot of how to work with the members here in Casa Blanca and how to get more references from them and get them excited about the work. We were able to have some visits and at the end of the day I was a little stressed because not a lot happened in the exchange but I talked with Elder Amaya and learned a lot and felt much better afterwards. 

Friday and Saturday we were able to teach a lot and find some more people. The thing we are really working on here is getting investigators to church. 

At the end of the week we had a great time and we have been getting a lot better here each week. I'm lovin the work here, back in the cold of Bogota and am hoping to see more good things in the future!
Well, we had a dinner that really wasn't weird with the things individually, but when they were all put together it was just kinda weird.  Sunday night we had dinner with an amazing family that works in the Temple. One plate was stacked with the following things: Popcorn, Spaggetti, Rice, and Platano.... I just never thought that I would eat those four things together on the same plate. But hey, that's Colombia!


Guess what else I've eaten!!! Pig foot, cow foot, liver, and who knows what else!!! XD XD
Love ya`ll

Elder Kendall

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