Monday, June 13, 2016

Questions of the Soul and the Book of Mormon

Hello Everybody!! What`s happening?? 

This week was pretty crazy, lots of cool stuff happened! So I guess I`ll just get into it.

Tuesday we had a big leadership meeting with all of the district and zone leaders together with the assistants and with President Baquerizo. We did a lot of talking about what it was that Elder Rasband taught us and then we put all of his promises and his commitments into a big list to be sent throughout the mission. And we talked a whole lot about how we should do exchanges as leaders, which was awesome, I learned a ton. Then President talked to us about how just because we are leaders doesn't mean that we are any better than our fellow missionaries, and testified about humility and leadership. It was awesome.

Wednesday we had to go to Tintal to do a baptismal interview with a couple that wanted to get baptized that same night!! And as always with missionary work, something has to go wrong, like us spending 45 minutes on a bus that we didn't need to be on and being an hour and a half late to the baptismal interview..... but once we finally got there it went really well. The brother and sister's names are Carol and John, and they were good and ready for baptism. John always has to travel for one or two days for his work, so that's why they wanted to have the baptism Wednesday. Since we were already there and they were going to be baptized that night a little bit later, me and my companion decided to stay and help set the baptism all up. So we stayed int the Tintal chapel for a little bit while the baptismal font was filling up. The baptism was planned to start at 7:00, so we had a little bit of time to find something to eat. We got back at about 6:30 and we checked the font, and we found it with about an inch of water. This thing fills up super slow!!!! We started to realize that that was going to be a problem, and as the Branch President showed up with the other members to help out, we started to realize that we were going to have to take the initiative to fill it up.

So, we started filling up the buckets..... and then the water shot off completely! So it ended up that we had to go around the back of the church to the water tank in the ground and manually fill up the buckets, run them around to the font and pour the water in.... it was the funnest thing ever!!! All the members were working to get the buckets filled as we ran around filling it up the font. It was definitely an unforgettable night. And I got to see all my good friends from Tintal! It was a huge deal for this little branch, this was the first baptism that they`ve had in a year. So the opportunity to go back there and be apart of that was amazing!! 

One thing that we have been using a ton to teach people and to contact is through the Book of Mormon and how it answers Questions of the Soul. We have little cards with the questions from preach my gospel that have all the little answers from the Book of Mormon next to it. It has been a miracle. I've seen people that we contact not want anything and then we show them how the Book of Mormon can answer their questions and they let us in to teach them about it. We were able to find a ton of new investigators with using the Book of Mormon. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that we are so blessed to have been given the opportunity to have our questions answered through the Book of Mormon. One lady we contacted in Girardot that went pretty well but when we asked when she was free for us to come and teach her, told us that she was always busy studying and working. But then we took out the questions of the soul and had her pick a question, and this time when we asked her she told us, oh yeah, can you guys come this Friday? The Book of Mormon is a miracle in our hands, and I testify that if we read and pray about the message it contains the Holy Ghost will testify to our heart that it is true.

So those were the highlights of this week, it was pretty good!! I love being a missionary and wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!!

Love you all!

Elder Kendall
Elder Ichuro

My grandpa, Elder Gilespie

My old district leader, Elder Calderon.  I love that guy!

Elder Justiano

Elder Espinola, my dad :)

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