Monday, August 15, 2016

Book of Mormon=Miracles Brought

I brought a Griffindor tie for p-day today
Alright so this week went so fast! I don´t know why the time likes to go so fast but it goes fast! Anyways! This week was cool.

So, I guess I´ll start things out with the coolest thing that happened this week, and it has to do with the Book of Mormon. 

When I was with Elder Karra we were teaching a family where there is only one member, the grand-daughter Sandra, and we were working with her grandma Ninfa. We have been teaching her with Elder Salazar as well, and she always told us she believed what we said but her problem was that we just use the Book of Mormon and don't respect the bible. We always invited her to read the BOM because she has never read it herself, and she always said that she would and would never keep her commitment. So, on Wednesday, we decided to read it with her!! We read 2nd Nephi 29, which talks about how the gentiles will say"A bible! A bible! We already have enough bible!" I love that chapter! 

So, we read verse by verse pausing to explain the principles of how God loves all his children and so he has commanded all of them to write his word and receive his Gospel. As we read, the spirit testified to the heart of Ninfa and she could feel that it was true. When we finished reading, we asked if she would read the book, and she told us that she really would. And then she just started to pray right there without us even saying anything. She started to pray in some sort of language that wasn't English or Spanish, so it was a little bit of a weird surprise, but the spirit was there and filled the whole room. 

Then, on Saturday, we had planned another lesson with her at 8:00 but we left our last appointment late and we couldn't make it, but I called Sandra to let her know that we weren't going to make it and she said"Elders! I have some news, some good news!" And I got really excited and asked her if Ninfa had read and she said" Yes she read, and she got an answer, and she wants to be baptized!!" So, me and my companion went kinda crazy rejoicing at the news! It truly was a miracle!

I testify that the Book of Mormon changes lives, that if we really pray humbly and with all our heart, God WILL testify to us of its truthfulness. Ninfa who before was a little hardened in the heart let the sweet peace and joy of the spirit soften it and learn the truth!

The work is true, and the blessing are real and will come. Being a missionary rules! 

So, that's pretty much the coolest thing that happened, our investigators came to church but didn't stay the 3 hours! So, we are getting some progress going.
This next week is transfers, I really hope I'm going to be staying in CasaBlanca!!


Elder Kendall

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