Monday, August 8, 2016

One big old area, a whole lot of blessings

So, we are officially the walking all over the place duo, and I love it! This has been one of those weeks where you are dead tired but you feel super happy anyways! I like it when we have weeks like that!! We have already gotten to know most of the new half of the area this week, and there are a whole lot of prepared people! I've never been so busy in my mission, the days pass by like seconds!!! We have received a lot of blessings.

So, Tuesday we started the day off really good with a lesson in the morning with a new investigator Aurora Garcia. She is amazing and lives literally right behind the church, she contacted the other elders and told them how for the longest time she wanted to enter and attend the church but she was nervous about going in herself. We were able to teach her the restoration and she loved it! She accepted the invitation to be baptized the 10th of September. Awesomesauce!! 

We were able to have four lessons in all that day, thanks to a member whose named Luis Alfonzo Acosta Acosta, who is pretty much one of the best people I've met in my whole life. He is 64 years old and he accompanies us EVERY day! He is just cool like that.

Wednesday we took a good look at the new part in our area of CasaBlanca, with the help of our friend Luis, we found a nice looking family of former investigators who are somewhat interested in listening to our message again. The transition of maintaining the new area has gone better than I thought it would've gone, we have a lot of our appointments set for this week. 

Sunday was another amazing day!!! We had five people attending church again, an amazing family, the Mendieta family. The mom of the family has a family member who is a bishop in another ward near here, so before they came here to CasaBlanca they attended for about a month over there!! They are all really receptive to the message of the Gospel. However, there's a little bit more work to do with the Father. He is atheist, and doesn't believe at all in God, however he like to go to church with his family, and also to participate in our discussions, so we are  working that he can get a testimony.

There's not so much time, but also, during the week we got a text of a reference from Missionary contact that told us this, "Juan Carlos Llerena, is Catholic, apostolic, roman, and his wife is a pastor, good luck." So, we are going to go visit them this week and see how that goes XD 

I love this work and testify with all my heart that its true. I know that God lives and that he loves each and every one of us. How wonderful and great is the mercy and the Love of Our Father in Heaven!!! I testify that everything in the Gospel is here to bless our lives and to make us happy. I love being a missionary!


Elder Kendall

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