Monday, November 21, 2016


Hey everyone! How’s it going? 

First off, my companion Elder Palma has 13 months in the mission, he left the CCM at the same time as me. Well, a whole lot of crazy things happened this week, so I will try to think where to start, because lots of stuff goes on in Leticia. So let’s get to it!

Monday I got to see and meet some of the members in our area. We even got to teach a less active member and give him a priesthood blessing, it was a powerful experience. 

Tuesday we woke up to a pretty sweet surprise. When we went outside our little closed in apartment complex, we found that someone had stolen two of our bikes!! From inside the gate of our little apartment complex! So now we only have two bikes, and one day we are walking and one day we are going to be using bikes. But it was a cool day, we met a part member family called the Ahuanari family, they are all baptized except for their oldest son and the parents because they aren`t married. The Dad has to get divorced first so he can get married, and that process is a long one here. But they are super cool, the oldest son has been in the military but should get back home today or tomorrow, and he already wants to be baptized, he just needs to attend and for us to teach him all the lessons. Awesome!

President Baquerizo wrote us all saying that for Christmas he wants every ward in the mission to be able to have a "Noche Blanca," which is a night with a whole lot of baptisms. He told us to pick a date and to set all our baptisms for that day. So here we are preparing everyone we can for the 17th of December to be baptized. Right now we are working with one family that is called the Casado family, they just have to get married, which we will be able to do by the 10th of December.  (It’s ironic because their name Casado in Spanish means "Married," but they’re not married haha). There are four people in the family that will be able to be baptized. Super cool, they are great!
There are some other people that should also be able to make it, if everything goes as planned we should have about six people getting baptized on the 17th! Which would be wonderful! 

We have had a lot of cool experiences here so far, I’ve met some great people and am learning about the area. On Saturday we were able to teach a bunch of people, we were super tired at the end since we were all over the place. Someone named Nora who we found on Saturday attended Church on Sunday, so that was pretty sweet! 

Hopefully I can write more about the experiences, but we have lots of stuff to do here in Leticia!

That’s all I got time for this week

Love you guys!

Elder Kendall

We went to a zoo today!  It was pretty legit! And it was in Brazil!  That's right, today we went to Brazil for p-day, although it wasn't very far :)

A dead Chulo that we found a bunch of kids came and posed in the photo with me and Elder Palma

My District in Leticia

A MONKEY STOLE OUR KEYS!! Right from out of Elder Palma's backpack!  He was being a real stinker about it :)

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