Monday, November 7, 2016

Stress ice cream, it always works.

Okay! This was full of fun stuff, things are just busy, busy here in Colombia. Also, super weird thought, this is already the last week of the transfer, next week we´ll see what happens!

Okay so first off, Halloween was pretty cool, the streets were completely full of people once again, but we actually taught a lesson to some members! So that was cool.

On Tuesday we had a sweet Zone Conference, and also in the night we got to teach Fabian Gil. We went through the baptismal interview questions and had some great members accompany us to the visit. We were able to get through them all and he was ready for the actual interview on Thursday! It was a powerful lesson.

On Tuesday as well we passed by one of our investigators whose name is Lisseth, and she said that she couldn’t meet with us because her husband wasn’t home, but that she wanted to present us to her neighbor next door! So she gave us a reference and apparently one of the Family members had seen us passing by and had been curious and wanted to meet us. So we went over with Lisseth and she presented us to them. We set up an appointment for Wednesday, it always feels good when an INVESTIGATOR gives you references to visit their friends. 

Wednesday we got to meet the family Lisseth presented us to, they were super receptive, and asked us if they could come to church and also read the Book of Mormon! We were all like, "Uh yeah! of course you can!" It was pretty sweet.

Next on Thursday, things were going pretty good, we found a less-active family called the Blanco Family. We called the son Brayan who is 20 years old and he invited to come and talk with just him, but it turned out that while we were there the mom and the two sisters also showed up! It had been about a year since the missionaries had passed by so the mom Vivian was super happy to see us. It was a big blessing, when we talked it seemed that they all were super into sharing the gospel with everyone, which will be great.

Then, things got interesting real fast. We passed by Lisseth because we had set up an appointment with her and her husband, when she came out and told us that her husband Richard left her! He went to work and then told her that he was never coming back, because the situation was just too hard. We weren’t sure what to do, so we just testified how God loved her and how she could find strength in the church. So, we were kinda blown away by that, and then we got a call from Fabian Gil, telling us that he wasn’t going to be able to have the interview that night. He told us he felt really pressured into going to the interview and also the baptism, and that he wanted to wait some time when he felt more sure about it. So, we kinda took that all in, which was kinda hard. But I know that he is going to get baptized in the next coming weeks, he is a really good guy. 

So, after learning about all that in about 10 min. We had to go and buy some stress ice-cream to help us out. And it worked

So to finish on Saturday we had a visit from the Elder Richard J. Maynes from the 70´s Presidency, which was super powerful. He talked about a whole lot of good stuff, and he was super funny. It was a good time. 

Oh! Also, real fast, we also got a HUGE Change in the ward this week, we got a new Bishop! And he called our ward mission leader as one of his counselors! The old bishop finished his time as a bishop, after being bishop for 10 years. A long time. It’s going to be really interesting. 

I love mission life, because when things get stressful, just eat some stress ice-cream! It always works. That’s all I got time for this week.


Elder Kendall

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