Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas is in the air, even though snow isn't

Hey everybody! What's happening?

Thanksgiving has passed and so now everything is about Christmas! It is going to be a little different I think spending Christmas in the Amazons, but it is going to be pretty fun. 

Things have been really good here in Leticia.  The other Elders had a baptism of a young 17 year old whose name is Elik. He is a super cool guy, I got to interview him for baptism and he has a huge testimony! He is already preparing to go on a mission as soon as he can when he turns 18, and he accompanying the other missionaries and us too. It was super cool. 

We were able to find some good people this week, and something super cool that happened was that a big family in our area, the Ahuanari family, almost everyone in the family is baptized. Only the parents and their oldest son Yarold aren’t baptized. The parents haven’t been baptized only because they aren't married and they have to go through a big progress in order to get married, which we are working on. Yarold was never baptized because he left for the military a while ago and didn’t listen to the missionaries before. But, Yarold just got back from his military service this week! 

We taught Yarold on Wednesday night, and he told us that his time in the military was really hard, and that now he is looking for peace from God and wants to repent and be baptized! It was super cool, we put a baptismal date with him for the 17th of December. 

Unfortunately, we only had one person attend church this week! It was a little frustrating, but we are focusing a whole lot in this aspect. We had a lesson with the Casado family, and they are super excited to get married and also be baptized. The mom, Amanda, is the only investigator who attended this week. She is amazing! We are planning lots of things with the branch here to get this "Noche Blanca" together, we just need people to attend!!

Leticia is really amazing, as I get to know the people here, I am loving them as well. They are just so nice and loving here, the members love the missionaries, and give us LOTS of food. Everyone says they want to fatten me up, and give me the most food. I’m feeling the love of these people, it is a fun time. 

I’m loving this time here, and I hope everything goes well for the month of December. 


Elder Kendall

Christmas is here!

Murder Dog!!!

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