Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Always Preparing the Way

Hey everybody! 

This week went really fast! Something cool as well, next week on the 23rd of January we are going to fly to Bogota again. We have some sort of big training that will be going on. Then we get back on Thursday the 26th. 

But this week was kinda rough for teaching, we didn’t get to have a whole lot of the appointments we were hoping for. But, the great thing was that we could already fill up pretty much every day this week with work to do, so I’m sure it will go much better this week. 

Update on the Casado family: We have been working with Antonio, and he seemed pretty good. We taught the family on Wednesday about Temples and Eternal families. We went to go visit them again on Friday, but Antonio didn’t get home until late. Unfortunately he didn’t get home because his friends had invited him to drink and he went with them an drank. So we have a lot more work to do. We are really focusing on helping him not feel judged by us, the members, or his family and showing him more support and more love. We are going to do all we can to show our love for Antonio so that he is able to quit drinking. 

We have really been struggling with finding lately in these past couple weeks, but we have some great families that we have found or are working with now. We have one family called the Rodrigues Calderon Family, and they are awesome. They are a family of 6, and they are all excited about the gospel. We are just waiting and working on getting the parents married and they are pretty much ready for baptism. They showed up to church this Sunday even though it was a little late. 

Well although this week was a little rough, we have lots of good things to look forward too. Loreilly the daughter of the Casado family also is getting ready for baptism, she just needs to attend church one more time!

That was pretty much it for this week, I have seen and felt and learned a lot this week about the Love of the Savior that he has for each one of us. I have really gotten to know that He lives and He knows who I am. And I’m loving the time here in Leticia. 


Elder Kendall

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