Monday, January 30, 2017

Flight to Bogota and Back

Hey everybody! This year is already flying by, we are soon going to be in February... weird sauce, I was in Girardot this time last year and it was also super-hot!

Oh yeah, this is also the last week of the transfer already, Elder Guerrero will finish his mission this week and we'll see who comes to join us in our crazy corner of the Amazons!

So, this week we flew once again to the nice and cold air of Bogota for the training for missionaries all over the world. On Tuesday it was the first time in these almost three months that I have been in Leticia where we have been in an actually zone type meeting and it was weird. But it was great to talk to the other missionaries in the zone and just other people in general. One gets somewhat lonely in the Amazons. After the meeting we wrote the family, and had to wait in the lobby of the Zone leaders Apartment Complex where we were staying at to get our stuff. While we waited I talked to a cool older guy who was super nice. He even invited us for a cup of coffee sometime, which we said sure sometime if it could be hot chocolate instead. 

Wednesday we had the training, and it was really good. We got to hear insights from some Apostles and other leaders of the church on the training we received last year. They also changed some big things like some of the goals we will be making and also the schedule. President Baquerizo is going to let us know exactly how it is going to work for us here in Colombia Bogota South, and it will be interesting. 

Thursday we flew back, and our plane almost didn't get connection to the tower here in Leticia and so we almost took a little detour to Cali Colombia. But it was all good because they got contact and we landed without problem.

We talked to President Baquerizo about Antonio Casado, and he told us that if he can stay clean for 1 month more or less, he can be confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost. So we put a goal with Antonio to be confirmed on the 26th of February. Him and his family seem to be doing a little better. 

On Saturday we contacted a family that lives in our area and invited them to come to church the next day, they said they would come and we were pretty excited, but unfortunately they didn’t show up. But on Sunday we got to teach them and they seem pretty interested and so we are hoping to see some progress there with this new family. 

Our focus is new people and extending baptismal dates, we should have some good stuff this week!

I have been reading the New Testament since I have never read it before completely in my life and a lot of people here don’t listen to you if you don’t use it and so it has been really great. I love the boldness of Paul, he is never ever afraid of his testimony and shares about Jesus Christ to every person he sees. I hope I can follow that example. 

That’s pretty much it for the week, I'm still loving being here in Leticia



Elder Kendall

Me in Bogota with Elder Espinola and his son!

Our adventures in the Amazons today

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