Monday, January 9, 2017

It Has Been Raining Blessings, and also Rain Rain!!

Hey everybody! How`s the cold? 

Here is has been raining a whole lot, but it is still pretty hot. But this week it was also doing some Tropical blessing storms, with lots of blessings coming in. 

So I think I will start with the Casado family, who are doing really well! Sunday the daughter Yoli who got baptized as well got confirmed a member! Church started at 9:00 Sunday and they didn’t show up, and so I was getting super worried since the whole family said that they would be going. The sacrament was passed and I thought that they weren’t going to make, but right as the passing of the sacrament was ending, all four of the family came into the chapel! I felt so relieved, and then right when Yoli got there she was confirmed a member of the church. It was such a blessing to have them four there. Later that day, we had an appointment but only the father Antonio and their other daughter who wasn’t baptized, Loreilly.

 We had talked to Antonio in the week and he has shown true repentance through his actions and has a huge desire to leave all of the things that cause harm to him and to his family. He told us how he really wants to leave alcohol behind. We feel that he has really taken steps to be confirmed this Sunday, and that is the plan. We also talked with Loreilly, who almost got baptized with her family but she had some doubts that she wanted to work out first. Then on Sunday when we talked to her, we asked how she now felt about baptism. And she told us that she was able to resolve her doubts by reading the Book of Mormon and praying about them, and that she was now ready and willing to follow Jesus Christ and to be baptized!!! She testified of the Book of Mormon and how it is an amazing thing, how it just brings peace, and that just felt so much happiness and peace from it. It was one of the most happy and powerful things that I have had happen in my mission. She only needs one attendance more, and we invited her to be baptized the 21st of January and she accepted. By the 22nd of January all 4 of the Casado family will finally be baptized and confirmed into the Lord’s Church. It has been amazing!!!

We have some other great people we are working with as well, and we really just need more attendance to church in order for these people to be prepared for baptism. 

I love the Book of Mormon. If we humbly read and pray, God will give us our answers that we need. 

That was the most exciting thing this week. I guess I also complete 16 months in the mission today, which I don’t really understand how that came to be. Time. It’s a fast thing. 


Elder Kendall

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