Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Finding some new people and Moving Forward

Hey everyone!
This week went by like lightning, but I guess that's not new because that’s how every week goes! But we had a good week with ups and also some downs but with the desires to keep moving forward.

Monday we had a super sweet family home evening with a few families. The Tamani family(who are great active members) invited us to bring as many investigators and less-actives as we could to the FHE, and so we invited a few families. The Rodriguez family, who are investigators went, along with a less-active family called the Mestanza family. We shared a short message and we watched Meet The Mormons which went super well, everyone likes that movie! It turned out great and there were lots of friendships being made. 

We have been focusing a lot on getting to meet some new people, and although a lot of the appointments we had set to talk to the new people we contacted fell, we were still able to find a couple of really good people! 

The Casado family are still in that battle with the brother Antonio, we have got some great member support this week and so it went really well, although it has not been perfect. The daughter Loreilly still only lacks that one attendance at church for her to be baptized!!! She will most likely make it to the 4th of February if she only attends!

The Rodriguez family are doing super well, they are a family of 6, and are amazing. On Saturday we had a great lesson with them where we set the marriage and baptismal date, and they accepted to be married the 3rd of March in order to be baptized the 4th! We are super pumped with them, they are a super cool family. 

That is pretty much what I have time for this week, time goes by way fast. Transfers are soon, the 5th of February is when we will get transfer call. I just love Leticia, it has been so good. 

This week we will be in Bogota until Thursday to see the World Wide Broadcast for the missionaries, I'm super pumped!

So much Love,

Elder Kendall


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