Monday, February 20, 2017

Lots of Learning, Lots of Work to Be Done

Hey everybody! How has the cold been? Cold? Here it is relatively cold as well, I have to get used to using a sweater once again, there is a whole lot of wind. Also, when it rains, its cold rain! Which is totally lame since when it rained in Leticia it didn’t even matter because you were wet anyways and it was hot! Oh well, it is good here too.
This week was interesting, it seemed like we weren`t given very much time to work in our area. Having to take care of a zone can take a lot of time and complications, but I have been learning a whole bunch.

Wednesday, we went up to the area of the Assistants because we had exchanges with them and it was a pretty good time. I went with Elder Mendoza, who was the zone leader of La Libertad that left when I got here, he is a great missionary and we had a good time. We contacted a bunch of people and the day went pretty fast. 

Then on Friday we had another exchange with Elders in our zone, and also from the same district. It was kind of interesting, and a little bit stressful, there is a lot of work to do here with the missionaries in the zone right now. We are trying to think of some ideas to get the zone going, because it is kinda falling asleep. But this week we are going to have a multi zone conference with President Baquerizo and also the Kennedy zone, and so this will hopefully help a lot. 

The weeks are still going by super-fast and lots of stuff always goes on. Today we played soccer and I scored a few goals which was pretty cool. Then we went on a long taxi trip trying to find a store for my companion who wanted to buy something in some store, and so that was an adventure. 

Anyways, that was the week pretty much. Hoping that we have a lot more time and diligence to work in our own area this week, because we need it. Opening an area is strange, since me and my companion are both learning about the whole area. 

Love you guys,

Elder Kendall

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