Monday, February 27, 2017

"When You Know Why Your Here, Tell Me"

So this week was a lot of fun, with some surprises as well. Time continues to move quickly, which is normal. IAN is now working on his papers for the mission!?!?! It is really happening!?! Wowy where has the time all gone. 

We had our interviews with President Baquerizo, and I have to tell you my experience, it was pretty awesome. So we started with me and my companion Elder Amato together in the interview to talk about how the zone was doing, and then my companion left and I had my interview with President. We talked about some stuff, how I was feeling about the new schedule and things like that, and then he asked me if I had any questions. So I asked about my returning to La Libertad 3 times in my mission, and explained to him how I started in Tintal, left to Girardot, came back to CasaBlanca, left again to Leticia, and once again back in La Libertad. He was kinda like" yeah... and?" So I asked him why and we kinda laughed a good amount while he said “I have no Idea Elder, When you figure it out, tell me." So that was a pretty funny moment. He hadn’t realized I had been here so long, or that I had come back so many times. He simply told me "I just know that the Lord needs Elder Kendall here, you will find out why." Which sounds good to me. 

We also had a multi-zone conference with Kennedy, which meant I got to see all my good friends from Leticia!!! I found out that Antonio still hasn’t been confirmed, and neither has Loreinny. So I’m really praying that happens like, now haha. We had to give a training on the Area Book, and it went pretty well. 

Other than that, super cool this week, we finally had investigators attend church! There is a super cool family called the Parra Family, and the Dad Alonzo, Daughter Angie, and the Son Nicholas all came to church and had a super good experience. Nicholas is 9 years old, but was participating a ton in Gospel Principles class. We split into groups and talked about a certain principle and shared it with the class. We asked Nicholas if he wanted to share what we had talked about, and he said yes! Then he totally nailed it and explained it perfectly, it was super cool. So, we are hoping that they keep assisting!

We need new investigators. A lot. 

I’m loving serving here in La Libertad, and in Colombia, being a missionary is simply the coolest.


Elder Kendall

Me with Elder Espinola, he finishes the mission TOMORROW! He is on the plane tomorrow

The zone shirt they made when I was in Letiticia... a little interesting huh? hahahaha

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