Monday, March 13, 2017

Keep on Keepin on

So this week went fast as usual. We did a whole lot of good stuff and I don’t have that much time to share this week, so I will get out the Highlights.
Wednesday we did some cool service, I enjoyed it. We helped get a fridge from the first floor to the third floor. But, the stairs inside the house where too small to go inside(In Bogota the houses are really skinny and tall.), and so we had to take it up from the outside. With some rope, and some good old arm strength and determination. It was pretty fun, and we got the fridge up without too much trouble. 

We also did a whole lot of talking to people, trying to invite them to learn about the restored gospel, and although very little people listened or wanted to talk to us, we are going to keep doing it. I know that God prepares his children, and we are on the lookout and the search to find those peoples. 

Mirena Mendieta, an investigator from CasaBlanca (Who I used to teach when I was there) is going to be baptized this Saturday, and it is really exciting. I’m glad to know that she is going to finally take that step. Awesomesauce!!!

So yeah, I don’t have time for much else... I love being a missionary!!!


Elder Kendall

An exchange we had with Paimonte, Elder Justiano is there!!

My whole life I thought is was every 6 months...

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