Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Who's pumped for conference? I sure am!!

Hey everybody! Who's pumped for conference? I sure am!! It is going to be good.

This week was a big bag of crazy sauce. So on Tuesday we were studying just like normal, when my companion got a call from one of the secretaries saying "Elder Amato you gotta go to the office right now! You cannot do anything, and have to come right now because your visa has expired and you can’t preach the gospel!" So we headed right up to the office, and they told us that Elder Amato couldn’t leave the office because he was illegal, and he had to renew his visa. We ended up spending the whole day Tuesday and the also Wednesday in the office of the mission while we were doing all the stuff to get my companions visa. Then President Baquerizo sent us to our area Wednesday night, but told us we couldn't teach or contact. We could only visit members and a "Friendly visit." So we were doing that pretty much all week. Then this last Monday we went back to the office and got all the stuff for my companion's visa, and this next Monday my companion will be all good with his new identification. 

We couldn't find any new investigators because of that, and so we are really in need of some new people. Not much else happened ha ha, it was a pretty simple week. Yesterday we had the leadership meeting with all the zone leaders and with President Baquerizo, and so Elder Palma and his companion Elder Colmenaries came up from Florencia (which is super far) and stayed with us! They go back to Florencia today, around 6:00, so I'll be with Elder Palma pretty much all day. It has been really fun.

Not much else happened. Hopefully this week will be more normal and we can get some good work done. 


Elder Kendall


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