Monday, March 6, 2017

Down to the Last ToothBrush....

I can’t believe it, but somehow, this week I will opening up my last toothbrush. Not only making my teeth even cleaner, but also marking the point of entering into the last 6 months of my mission. Gotta kick it into overdrive here, time is short.

This week went a lot better for us as a zone, and it was probably one of the busiest weeks I`ve had. On Tuesday we had the Leadership Meeting all day, and that night we started an exchange with the Elders of Bosa. After we finished, we had one normal day, Thursday, where we planned the zone conference we were going to have. Friday after the zone conference, we started that night an exchange with the missionaries in CasaBlanca!!!! 

It was the coolest thing ever, I went to CasaBlanca with Elder Pisco who is from Peru, and we ate with the Mendieta family!!!(Who was our pensionista in CasaBlanca) It was a super cool lunch, and it was super fun, I got to see the whole family again and tell them about Leticia. I love them so much, they are the best. Then we got to teach and we contacted a bunch of people. It was great.

Well, I’m still not believing how fast the time has gone, I really am enjoying the mission. Learning new things every day, and trying hard to keep the zone and our personal area all good. It’s a lot of work, but that’s a good thing I think. 


Elder Kendall

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