Monday, March 27, 2017

The Hope of Christ "For A Better World"

Hey family!! I hope you guys are enjoying the sun over there in the Philippines!
This week was transfers, and..... Elder Amato and I are staying together! That´s right, im officially killing my first companion in the mission! I think I will keep learning a lot for sure.

Also, my first trainer, my dad, Elder Ichuro has finished his mission and goes home this same week. I can´t believe how fast the time is going! It seems like yesterday (Probably since I'm right next door 😆) I was in Tintal rocking it with Elder Ichuro! The sisters from my group have also finished the mission this week. I saw Sister Rocabado from my group, who is from Argentina, get born here in La Libertad with me and then die here in La Libertad! Crazysauce!

Anyways, this week was pretty good. I learned a lot for myself about the Hope of Christ and how important Hope is. It is so necesary for this work. We have been contacting, but it has not nearly been working in our area. I told my companion this, and I realized that I had almost no hope that the people were being prepared to listen or that anybody would want to listen. And so one morning in Personal Study I studied about the Christ-like Atribute of Hope. I read Ether 12:4. Which talks about how those who believe in God can "have hope of a better world." So that's what I decided to do, be more hopeful, and more faithful that people would listen to our message. And so we went out and put it into practice, and guess what happened! The people didn't change much, there were still people that weren't very interested. But I looked past that and knew and had hope that we would find people. And we did! We contacted some great people, and this week should have some new investigators. I know that without hope, we cannot acomplish what God asks of us. But when we exercise our faith and we hope that things will go better, they do. 

I love missionary work, because it lets me love other people. I love the people of Colombia because so many of them need this gospel. I'm happy to be working for the Lord.


Elder Kendall

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