Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference and Finding People

Hey ya’ll! How's it going? These weeks just keep passing by as fast as Buzz Lightyear when he says "Infinity and Beyond!" which I can imagine has to be pretty fast. 

We had another leadership meeting this week, and it was pretty fun because Elder Palma stayed with us the night before we went to the meeting, he is a zone leader in Florencia. It was awesome. We also had our zone conference this week, and it went pretty well. We were able to practice and whip our zone a little bit into shape. We have been getting better little by little.

And of course Conference was just amazing. I loved all of it. We had fun with us four missionaries from the states watching it in English. I also got to see a ton of people from CasaBlanca!! I saw Brother Baquero, who used to be our ward mission leader, and also the Viasus family, who the two sons used to accompany us all the time and are like my best buds. So darny darn cool. I loved it. Amazing talk by one of the 70's, telling every investigator to please get baptized... UM YES!!! And of course our dear prophet, Pure power.

Later that night after conference, we finally found a new person to teach!! It was wonderful, his name is Jaime. He has lots of stuff to work on, but that is what we are here for! So, we are already getting better. Just gotta keep going and keep finding. 


Elder Kendall

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