Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Helping people move is the best!

It's weird to think you guys are getting piled in with snow, it is weird to me that there is snow!! 

There was a lot of good stuff and a few challenging things this week. But the time is flying super fast!!! I cant believe that I nearly have 5 months in the mission! Pretty soon I'm going to get to unrap my second 6th month period tooth brush that I got here! The last time I went to the dentist Tyler's mom gave me 4 tooth brushes for each 6 months of my mission, so that is a pretty fun way to track the time. 
We have been working the first part of the week with contacting again, we have also got some good references from the Hermanas in our zone that live in our area that we are going to start to teach. We have talked and learned a lot about how the best way to find people who will be baptized is through the members, Less actives, and the Recent converts. So we are starting with that more and we have some promising stuff to look forward to this month of February. 
Jorge is doing good, we have been teaching him and he loves coming to church and learning more about the church. He always tells us how he never had this opportunity before and he is willing to change to be able to continue forward. He is awesome!! He really understands repentance and wants to change his life. The only problem that he has right now is that he can only attend church every other week for his work. He has a work companion and they change who works Sundays each week. So one week he works and one week he doesn't. So we are working to see if we can get him to change his work or ask his boss or his work companion if they can figure something out so that he can attend each week. 
We also have a young kid that we are teaching whose name is Christopher. He is the cousin of a less active that we have just recently rescued, and he is preparing to be baptized as well! He has 13 years old and he has been having a little trouble obeying his mom, but we are working on that and as he is learning I think he is starting to change as well.
Our Zone leaders had a baptism this weekend that was really cool, it was a couple that have been taking the lessons for about 6 months but couldnt be baptized because they were'nt married. This is honestly the problem that 90% of the investigatores here have. But on Friday, we were able to attend their wedding!!!! It was so cool to see these guys get married so they could finally be baptized. The next day, Saturday, after lunch I got pretty bad diarrhea  and so I wasn't able to go out and work because I was in and out of the bathroom a lot. But, we were able to make it to the baptism of this family that got married, and it was amazing!!! So cool to see them able to recieve this wonderful ordinance. I still have had bad diarrhea Sunday so we weren't able to work yesterday either which was a little hard. I'm still getting better but now my stomach is better. 

If I can be totally honest, the food is a pretty big challenge for me. Each day at lunch its a little bit like a chore, and if I'm not saying the prayer to bless the food I'm praying like this in my mind" Please Lord help me eat this food!!!!!" over and over and over again. But the Lord has been with me and I have been able to eat some things that you would never have seen me eat in a million years. They like salad here. But when I say salad its not really like the type of salad over there. It's more like pure things of avacado, onions and tomatoes and that's the salad. But like I said I'm working through it with God's help. 
Really a good week but a little challenging with not being able to go out to work all the days. But I feel the Savior's love for me more and more every day!!!!!

TE QUIERO MUCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Kendall

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