Monday, February 22, 2016

Big Transfers and Liver, an interesting week

Hey hey everybody!!!!!!! 

Alright, so transfers happened, and it was pretty crazy. I staying here in Girardot for another transfer! We pretty much new before the transfer call on Sunday that my companion was going to go, but what we didn't expect was a call he got Friday night. One of the AP´s called and told him he´s going to Leticia!!!!! So he had to leave Saturday at 5, and I was with my district leader and his companion until today. Super crazy, he left for Leticia and I was here waiting to know who is my new companion. He got here today, his name is Elder Melendez, and he´s from Peru! He seems pretty cool, and this transfer is for 8 weeks so were going to have lots of time to talk.  He's got about 9 months, not to much more than me. What's crazy is that by the end of this transfer I'm going to have 7 months in the mission........ LIKE WHAT!!!!!
We have been teaching Christopher, and he came to church this past Sunday so we are all ready for his baptism this Saturday!!!! All he needs is to have his interview and to make sure all is ready, and it should be a good day! His cousin Leonardo our recently-reactivated member is having an interview to baptize him too, its going to be pretty darn legit. 
We have some pretty promising people as well, although Jaime stopped meeting with us, he didn't like how different church was and how everybody talked so much about D&C and all these different books and that he just wanted to continue in his church where his wife goes. Also she influenced him in that to, she didn't like us all that much. It was pretty sad, me and my comp both felt that he knew that the Book of Mormon is true, and that the church was as well, but just couldn't take that step. Hopefully in the future he will be ready. 
It has been raining here a whole lot, which is pretty weird, I actually woke up this morning a little cold, which never ever happens here. 
Oh yeah, and guess what I ate for lunch Tuesday...... LIVER!!!!!! When we got to lunch they put the plate and I thought "oh yeah, it's the same meat as always," but then I cut it, and it was kinda weird, and then I tasted it, and it was really weird!! I couldn't finish eating it, which was hard but it just wasn't good. Then afterwards I learned it was liver and I thought "Ah, yup that makes more sense." Not my favorite food XD 
It has been a good amount of work here in Girardot, but we are finding a lot of promising people and it is a lot of fun. I really do love being a missionary!   I'm really happy and enjoying the mission. Going to be showing the area to my new companion, it is going to be fun. I LOVE BEING ON A BIKE!!! I dont think I can go back haha.
All of my love, 
Elder Kendall

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