Monday, February 15, 2016

Good week, Had an Interview with President Baquerizo


This week was pretty sweet, we had a ton of good work this week with finding new investigators and we taught a ton of lessons!!! It's hot like normal, but sometimes it has been raining at night, which is kinda crazy. 
There's one guy we are teaching who we contacted in front of his house, and he came to church yesterday!!! His name is Jaime and he is super good. He told us that he ran from work to get over to the church, has been reading the Book of Mormon and really likes what we have been teaching him. Today we have an appointment with him where we are going to talk about the word of wisdom. He has a ton of faith and is really progressing. He has a baptism date for the 5th of March.
We should be having a ton of good things happening in the coming weeks, and it is going to be different because the next transfer is going to be for eight weeks instead of six. They are changing the time the Latinos stay in the CCM to three weeks instead of two, and that's why this next transfer will be longer. This Sunday is when we will know the changes and it's pretty much 100% that my companion is going to leave and I will get another one. He has been here a long time so he is excited to experience something new. 
On Wednesday, I got to have an interview with President Baquerizo, he came to Girardot and taught us some stuff and afterward we had interviews! It was super awesome, he is an amazing guy. We have applied a lot of what he has told us and it is for that reason that we had such an awesome week. It was cool to get to talk to him and to have the opportunity to ask questions. We had to miss lunch to be at the interview with President, so he took me and my companion and the Zone Leaders out to lunch at a place called the Corral. Its pretty much the closest thing to American hamburgers that they have here in Colombia. It was a lot of fun to go to lunch with President and talk about his mission and other stuff. 
My stomach is fine, so don't worry :D 

I love all the pictures and love you guys!!!!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Elder Kendall

PS - So I forgot to tell you, with my companion I learned what was the reason that I have been put with him. It is so that I can learn patience. Something that helped me this week was that I put it into these terms ``I got a big bowl of patience soup, and I've got to eat it all'' So that has been helping me out, I have been able to change my attitude. It isn't super easy, I'm still workin on that soup, but we're gettin there. 
Also, woke up yesterday with some sort of head cold, and by the time we were heading home I was so tired that I started singin ''I Want a Hippopatamus for Christmas!!!'' out loud to myself.  Thought that was pretty funny.  Once I repeated this song about a thousand times, I started it up with Nelli the Elephant, so just some quality stuff XD

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