Tuesday, October 25, 2016

"Becoming a Consecrated Missionary"

HEY MOM!  Here's a photo ("it's kinda dark... apologize for that" Zach says... hahahaha)

Hey hey everyone, what’s happening?

This week has gone by like a flash, but I’m kinda just used to it now since every week passes faster than a really fast thing. Luckily I’ve gotten better as well, with just the occasional cough. 

This was one of those weeks where you set up 4 appointments that are really confirmed each day, and then they fall like crazy. We didn’t end up being able to teach terribly much this week, but each of the lessons that we taught were spiritually powerful. Also, each week you get to go to the temple you automatically feel better, I love the feeling of the temple, it is wonderful. 

I also had an exchange in Roma this week, I was with Elder Galleguillo, he is from Argentina. We had a good day, although we couldn’t do all that we had planned. I also got to eat some Mexican food the night of the exchange, where I ate a plate of Nachos, a Taco, and some taquitos (I think that’s what their called). It was a good time. 

We got to teach Fabian Gil on Saturday, and get a feel for his readiness for this week for his baptism. He let us know that even though he knows that these things are true, there is something lacking for him to have the desire to be baptized. We aren’t sure what he needs in order to make the firm decision to be baptized, but he is very close. We have felt that he lacks more of a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and so focused on that with him. He is praying in order to know what he needs to do. He should be getting baptized soon.

Unfortunately, all of the people except one investigator that told us they were coming to church on Sunday either didn’t show, or when we passed by they were either having to work or weren’t home. It was a little disappointing that not many of the people we were hoping could come, but Oscar Garzon, an awesome investigator, came!

We have taught Oscar a few times, but he has been really busy and traveling the past few weeks and so we haven’t been able to teach him. But when I was in Roma, my companion met him in the street and asked if he was going to be able to go to church on Sunday, and he said yes. Then he came with his daughter who is 6, it was wonderful! They couldn’t stay the full 3 hours but the daughter loved the primary and Oscar also told us that he would be coming back. Awesome!!

All in all, this week we did our best to have the lessons that we could, and have a lot to work with this week! I’m excited to press forward with the work, and Elder Ross gave me a talk to read which was amazing, called "Becoming a Consecrated Missionary" By Tad R. Callister, which made me reflect a lot about the time I’m using here in the mission. He talks about laying EVERYTHING on the Sacrificial Altar, and not holding anything back. Not our fears, disobedience, pride or anything. So, I have some new goals I’m working on this week. One of which is talking to EVERYONE.

I love you guys,

Elder Kendall

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