Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Filling up the Baptismal Font at 4:30 a.m.........

Hey hey! how’s everyone? This week was a pure bottle of crazy-sauce, Saturday and Sunday were just full of good stuff. So, I’ll try to describe all that happened. 

Well, This week was the baptism of the Nupia family, Kelly, Paula, and Santiago were all going to get baptized. Thursday when we had the baptism interviews, Santiago didn’t come, because he feels a little scared because he doesn’t understand very much of what goes on in church and so he doesn’t like to go too much. He is a good kid, but he will get baptized in the coming weeks. Kelly and Paula both had their interviews and passed, so everything was perfect for Sunday. 

We had to do the baptism Sunday in the morning so that the mom could go, we had it at 8:00 am. 

Let’s start with Saturday now. We had planned to do the following: 8:30 am go to Bosa and get the baptism clothes for Sunday; 9:00 am get to the chapel and clean the baptismal font because it was super dirty; 11:00 am go to the other side of our area and teach an investigator whose name is Karen; 12:30 pm to go back to the other side of our area back to the house to change into service clothes to help the sister Sandra and her family move to a new house;  4:00 pm go to another appointment to teach an investigator named Deymir; 5:00 pm go to an activity that had been planned by the other Elders in the district in Roma; 7:00 until 9:00 try to find some new investigators. 

Let’s just say that it did not go according to plan. We ended up being late to Bosa and cleaning the baptismal font, and pretty much everything else. We got to teach Karen, and get to help move this family at about 2:00 to about 7:00, and they took us out to eat lunch afterwards. It was pretty fun and nice to do some service. 

So, I’ve got to leave out quite a bit of detail, since my computer is having problems.

Sunday, we got up bright and early at 4:30am to go to the church and start filling up the baptismal font to be ready by 8:00am. It was pretty cool, my companion drew in our spare time a pretty sweet drawing of the salt lake temple on the chalk board. We got everything ready and the baptism went really smoothly. Me and my Companion did the baptizing, Elder Ross baptized Kelly, and I baptized Paula. It was a really cool moment, I felt really happy to be a part of it.

So, that’s all I got for time, this week was super special! My computer today is having issues, so unfortunately I will have to send all the pictures next week. 

Missionary work is the best!


Elder Kendall

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